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Mucus in Dog Poop – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


In case you find mucus in dog poop, you need to pay attention because it can be something serious. Although it might be a very minor problem, visiting a veterinarian is always a good option.

Dogs are just like your children. You take care of them in every way possible so they don’t get ill. There are many symptoms of different diseases and one of them is mucus in dog poop. In case you notice your dog poop covered in mucus, there might be something worth paying attention to. 

Most commonly, this condition can be an outcome of Inflammatory bowel disease or another health concern. You might be using automatic dog feeders but still face such issues. 


What Does Mucus in Dog Stool Look Like? 

You might notice dog poop like jelly with blood while potty training your dog or it will be completely covered in mucus. That will be an indication of the problem. This is a pretty common thing to notice in dog poop because the intestinal glands might release some secretion. 

This type of mucus is produced to keep the bowel lubricated so it’s easier to excrete. The colon will stay moist this way and everything will be smooth. Use heated water bowls for dogs to keep their drinkables warm. 


When Mucus is a Concern?

Although, the problem occurs when you find excess mucus in dog poop. It might be accompanied by blood. That will indicate some kind of disease of the digestive tract of your dog. Use an insulated dog house if you think the weather is affecting the health of your furry friend. 

The poop of your dog can indicate a lot if you inspect it right. You can tell if the dog has any parasites in the stomach or if there are any symptoms of stress. So, if you found mucus in dog poop and wondering where it came from, you need to read further. 

Following are the conditions when dog poop mucus can be a concern for the owner. 

  • There is an excessive amount of mucus in the poop.
  • You find blood with dog poop yellow mucus.
  • The dog is vomiting or facing diarrhea, loss of appetite, or lethargy.

What Does Normal Mucus Look Like?

This is already understood that dogs have normally mucus in their poop because it is produced by the glands to keep it all lubricated. Normally, mucus looks like a jelly sometimes covering the poop or just appearing in between in white color. It can also be dog poop yellow mucus in some cases. 

If you have a habit of inspecting the poop of your dog while picking it up, you will surely notice if something goes unusual. 

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Causes of Mucus in Dog Poop

There can be a lot of reasons why your dog has mucus in its poop. Here are a few causes behind the situation. 

  • Stress: Your dog might be stressed and it can lead to the production of excessive mucus that will later be excreted with the poop.
  • Incaution Diet: You need to make sure if the dog is eating the right food because the diet of your dog might not be sufficient.
  • Food Intolerances: One of the reasons can be the intolerance of your dog to certain foods. You can visit a veterinarian to get further details.
  • Intoxication: There is a chance that some kind of food poisoning or any other intoxication is the cause of mucus in dog poop.
  • Changes in Diet: If you drastically change what the dog eats in a routine then it can be a problem.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: This is one of the most common causes of mucus as it directly affects the bowel movement of your dog.
  • Crohn’s Disease: Diarrhoea and loose stool might be the reason for mucus due to Crohn’s Disease in Dogs.
  • Intestinal Parasites: There are chances that parasites in the intestine of your dog are causing the problem.
  • SIBO: The mucus in the poop of your dog might be a sign of Small intestine bacterial outgrowth.

mucus in dog poop

Reasons for Blood in Dog Stool

You might notice mucus in dog poop with blood and it can be an alarming condition. But, if other activities of your dog are just normal but he is pooping blood, the reason might be a change in the diet. The dog might be facing some kind of food Intolerance or stress. 

The causes of blood in dog poop might be serious like having hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, parasites in the intestine, or some kind of tumor. You must visit a veterinarian if you find bright red, fresh blood in the poop of your dog. The symptoms can be dehydration, lethargy, and vomiting. 

mucus in dog poop

Dogs with IBS

Production of excessive mucus in the poop of your dog is normally the outcome of Irritable bowel syndrome. This might be due to the inflammation of the large intestine or colon. When the intestinal tract is irritated, it creates a layer of mucus around the poop to protect the internal layer. This way the poop appears with a coating of mucus. 

The dogs who suffer from IBS produce excessive poop after short intervals and the feces is not fully formed. This results in the production of runny stool with some fresh red blood at the edges. 

dog poop yellow mucus

At-Home Treatment 

If you notice excessive mucus in the poop of your dog, but you know that the dog is behaving normally otherwise, you need not worry. In case the dog is eating well, looks happy and active, and doesn’t have diarrhea, then there is nothing to be worried about.

There are some really easy ways to treat this condition at home if there isn’t something serious. Here are a few tricks that can help.

Change the Diet of the Dog

If you already have changed the diet of the dog and it resulted in excess mucus, change it back to normal. Otherwise, if you think the dog is producing mucus now, you can go for a different diet. Maybe make some chicken jerky for your dog

Changing the diet of your dog can be really helpful. Try to add more healthy items in it and research to see what foods are healthy for your dog. You can try potatoes for dogs or go for broccoli as dog food

You need to choose the best dog food from the market to make sure that it really helps them build their metabolism.

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Give Probiotics 

If you see a small amount of mucus in dog poop, that means your dog is totally healthy. This condition doesn’t need to be treated with medications or some extraordinary treatment. You can just add probiotic supplements to keep them healthier. 

Make sure you find the right probiotics designed for dogs. It will be better if your vet recommends them to you. 

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Keep an Eye on the Eating Habits

You must know if the dog can actually eat a certain type of food and things like is mushroom safe for a dog? Make sure that your dog is not consuming anything besides the food that you are feeding. Dogs can be Harmed by bacteria or viruses if they keep on churning on different things found on the street or a park. 

You need to keep an eye on what they eat in order to make sure that they are healthy. 

When Do You Need to Visit the Vet?

If the amount of mucus is abnormal, you must visit your vet. Here are the symptoms that might show that the condition is serious,

  • Poor appetite: If the dog is not consumed food like they usually do and you notice mucus in poop, things might be problematic.
  • Loss of Weight: If your dog is losing weight along with blood and mucus in stool, it can be due to a serious condition.
  • Vomiting: It can be a reflex action of any intestinal disease so you must keep an eye if the dog is vomiting.
  • Diarrhea: In case the dog is producing loose stool or emitting diarrhea, you need to be careful and go to a vet for further details and treatments.


Questions for the Vet

Here are a few questions that you need to ask your vet in case you are visiting them for mucus in dog poop with blood. 

  • Are there any possible side effects of the medication assigned by the vet? 
  • When does the dog need to see the vet again?
  • Where to call if an emergency situation emerges outside the business hours?


Is Mucus in Dog’s Poop Dangerous? 

You need not panic if you find a little amount of mucus in the dog poop. There are a lot of treatments that you can use at home to cope up with this condition. 

Can it be treated at home?

Yes, you can treat mucus in dog poop at home by changing the diet of your dog or giving them probiotics. 

Is it normal to see mucus in dog poop?

It is totally normal to encounter some mucus in the poop of your dog because the colon and intestine produce mucus in order to keep it lubricated. 

Is dog poop like jelly with blood common?

Commonly dog owners complain about seeing mucus and blood in dog poop and it can be due to some intestinal problem. You can visit a vet or just change the diet with additional probiotics to treat it.

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