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Useful Icefang Tactical Dog Harness For Your Dog


The Icefang tactical dog harness for your dog is out there during a large size and is out there in coyote brown color. It might be custom-fit for your dog as you’ll adjust it.

However, when using this it you’ve got to form sure that it’s fitting properly. You’ll use this ice harness for training, walking, then far more.

There is no pull front clip. you’ll get more information on the small print and features from the detailed description of this product.

Reading the reviews and comments from the present and former buyers would give a thought of performance and sturdiness about this Useful icefang tactical dog harness for dogs. As dogs want hot water to drink you can have best-heated water bowls for dogs.

tactical harness


  • [Tips & Care instruction]:1:This icefang tactical dog harness is not to be used with a tie out; 2, Please refer to our size chart, Make sure match up your dog’s measurement, Do not choose the size base on the dog’s weight or guess; 3:Burn and solidified the end of strap if necessary, Do Sure the end of the strap is not fraying; 4: Washing: Wash hands with detergent, rinse with clean water and dry it
  • [2x METAL BUCKLE]: 2 x Metal Buckle (1000 lb Proof-Load Test ) on Dog Shoulder Position which the most Load Bearing Point When Dog Pulling, 2 x POM buckle (250 lb Proof-Load Test ) on belly Position; Sewing by Bartack and X in Box Pattern on Each Joint and Heavy load Point
  • [NO PULL/SAFETY CONTROL]: Connect a leash to No pull front clip, redirect the dog forward motion and make the dog’s leg off the ground, Allow you to Control the puller with few efforts and training your dog to walk beside you; Back Leash Clip for well-trained dog normal Walking; Durable Handle is Sewn Tough and Large Enough to Grab the Harness Quickly and Easily When Walking in Crowd, Also Lift Your Dog When Getting in/out of the Car
  • [HANDS-FREE CARRYING ]: Two 1″ Strips of Molle (Small: 3 x Hook & 2 x Loop; Medium: 4 x Hook & 2 x Loop; Large/X-Large:5 x Hook & 2 x Loop) Sewn Onto Both Side, Allow Your Dog to Carry Gear in Training / Daily Walking/Adventure Hiking, it Compatible with Molle /PALs Pouch, You Can Also Hook Dog Bowl, Water Bottle and Toy Through D shape Carabiner (No included)
  • [DOG IDENTIFIED]:Three 1″ Strips of Hook and Loop Panel Sewn onto Both in the Formation of MOLLE(size in Small :3″x4.5″ ; Medium :3″x6″ ;Large/X-large/XX-Large :3″x7.5″ ); One Strip of loop panel Sewn Along the Back of harness with different wide in each size ( Small: 2″ ; medium/Large:3″ ;X-large/XXL:4″);One Square Loop panel Sewn-on The Front Chest (Size in small:2″x 2″ ; Medium:2″x 3″ “; Large/X-large:2″x 4″ ; XX-Large:3″x4”) ,You Can Attach Many Patch to Identify Your Dog

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

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This Icefang dog harness review features additionally good for teaching your dog to “heel” or walk beside you. But if you don’t want your dog to steer this close, or want to reward them with a looser more traditional walking style.

A back leash clip is out there and it’ll act as a daily leash clip. Lastly, a durable handle is made into the highest of this vest for quick hands-on control of your dog if you’re getting on the brink of other dogs or people.

This can be useful for getting quick control of your dog without having to grab them loosely by their body.


  • Metal Buckle And POM Buckle can handle large weight loads
  • No-Rub and Escape Proof
  • Front And Back Leash Clips
  • Durable Handle Built-In
  • Straps For Carrying Gear On Your Dog’s Vest


  • Handle On Vest Could Be Better
  • Make Sure You Get The Right Size Or Your Dog Will Escape

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

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Comfortably designed:

Most distinctive is that the 2x metal buckle strategically positioned on the foremost load-bearing point for effortless dog pulling.

Even better is that the quality sewing by Bartack and X in Box Pattern that adds extra strength at the joints and other heavy load points. This icefang tactical dog harness with a 4x metal buckle is additionally custom-designed for the right fit.

Your dog won’t just enjoy a cushty fit but also enjoy the liberty to regulate the individual components. This is pretty simple to teach it to steer by your side, courtesy of the No-Pull front clip.

For convenient carrying of top gears like water bottles among other items, there are strips of Molle sewn onto each side. Make a review on how to get a dog to stop barking.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

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Do dog harnesses help with pulling?

Yes, some no-pull dog harnesses help with preventing dogs from pulling. The ice fang tactical dog harness for sale comes with a patented front-control system that pulls the dog from the chest and shoulders.

This helps you set the direction during which you would like your dog to maneuver. The foremost reassuring thing about this harness is that it’s always comfortable and never puts painful pressure on your dog.

The double-ended lead offers an excellent degree of control. The front ring steers while the rear ring above the shoulders functions because of the much-needed break.

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