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How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water? Complete Walkthrough 

Just like humans, dogs also need water to maintain themselves throughout the day. However, sometimes pet owners forgot to give water to their canines. Dogs can survive over 8 hours with ease, but what happens if the time limit exceeds? Also, why do dogs avoid drinking water sometimes? How to know when your dog is thirsty? If you face specific issues regarding your dog health care, you have landed on the right spot. Let’s read an honest review about How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water.

You can quickly sort this issue out by filling different bowl places in your house. And, to monitor what’s your dog stat, try to watch your little buddy throughout the day. let’s discuss these questions in detail, so you get a better understanding of them.

How much water is enough for your dog?

As we know, the minimum water intake for our body is eight glasses per day. But how much water should the dog intake? Water constitutes about 70% of a dog’s body weight; you can get a hint of importance from this fact. Therefore, water is super necessary to maintain a dog’s health. Otherwise, different conditions started to appear in dogs as the state becomes worse.

Moreover, dogs come in different sizes; therefore, you can’t consider feeding them the same water intake. But, there’s a suggestion by which you can know a specific limit. According to your dog’s weight, give an ounce of water to every pound of body weight. For example, a 75Ibs of dog will require almost 2 liters a day. Thus, it depends on how many liters can a dog have.

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How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water?

If you forget to give water to your dog, this happens most of the time with many canine trainers. In such scenarios, you don’t need to worry much about that. Your dog can easily survive 6-10 hours without water. Also, if your dog stays inside the home, he will effortlessly pass it at times.

But don’t try to unveil their water bowl intentionally. Many canine owners practice this technique to stop their animals from peeing inside the home. However, this practice is hazardous to get administered to animals. According to research, a dog can survive 72 hours without water. Yet, after the first day, different signs of dehydration started to appear. That primarily causes irreparable damage to the dog’s health.

After one day of dehydration, your dog will become less energetic. Then, some severe signs started to develop on the second day, such as behaving rudely and limited mobility. And last day, your dog entirely becomes scrawny. To recover from such critical conditions, facilitate your animal by giving IV fluids to it.

Symptoms of dehydration in dogs:

You cannot monitor your dog throughout the day to check if he stays hydrated or not! However, there are few symptoms by which you can identify dehydration in canines.

These are the few quick symptoms that arose in dehydration in dogs.

Nose: Dog noses are mostly moist as canines try to lick their nose throughout the day. Therefore, a dry nose is not necessary to always be the symptom of dehydration. Yet, it can be a sign of mild dehydration. So, if you caught an eye on this matter, facilitate your dog will some fluids.

Gums: Just like the nose, gums are also moist in dogs. To see symptoms of dehydration, lift your dog’s lips and touch the gum. In case you found the gum dry, it means your dog needs a drink. However, you don’t need to worry much, as dogs’ gum always gets dried after a nap.

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 Urine color: By identifying the color meanings of urine in dogs, you can make a 99% valid assumption. For example, if your dog’s pee is light yellow and pale, it’s a good sign. However, if you notice dark yellow urine, then provide your dog with a quick drink.

Besides that, a change in urine colors can also be possible if your dog suffers from some medical condition.

K9 Power Dog Hydration Supplement:

If your dog is suffering from dehydration, the K9 supplement will give an instant recovery to your little buddy. And, within few hours, he will be fully charged up. However, besides hydrating your little one, the power dog supplement also provides several other benefits.

The K9 supplement contains all the essential nutrients. That aids in better performance and energy throughout the day. The presence of carbohydrates and protein provides power, while electrolytes deliver protection against overheating and dehydration.

Many people often hesitate to use these supplements due to fear of artificial ingredients. Keeping that in check, 100% human-grade ingredients are used in the K9 power dog hydration supplement. Also, try to add some fluid in water and then serving to your dog. Moreover, the best time to do it is before or during an activity.


  • Hydration formula
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Vitamin C and E reduce inflammation
  • Promotes in muscle growth development
  • Coconut oil boost a dog’s immune system


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any gluten-free supplement for hydration?

Yes, there are several supplements available that aids in the hydration of the canine. You can check out some options by concerning with your veterinarian. As he will suggest you with the right gluten-free supplements.

Is K9 Power supplement good?

Yes, the K9 power supplement not only hydrates the canine but also benefits other things. For example, Alpha Lipoic Acid, chicken, coconut oil, and magnesium citrate promote bone health and enhance energy levels in dogs.

Final Verdict:

Dogs can survive a great deal of time without water. Yet, there are several side effects as the condition propagates. Therefore, try to provide your dog with fresh water daily. Keep an eye on your dog after some days. To check if any hydration symptoms are appearing.

In case the condition of your dog gets severe, give them some IV fluids such as the K9 power supplement. These supplements will sustain the missing energy level and will keep your dog hydrated.

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