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Giant Schnauzer: An Intelligent and Friendly Breed


The giant Schnauzer is considered to be a working dog who is an intelligent and friendly dog in nature.  With proper timing and training, they can be very loyal dogs and courageous companions. Like most of the special dog breeds, they also demand much of their master’s attention.

They were first bred in Germany where they had jobs like driving cattle, working in stockyards, and guarding breweries. Giant Schnauzer has a high energy level and has a playful mind. If you have a big yard, they will love to run there as they are very energetic. They are not many apartment dogs. But, if you are looking for a loyal friend and energetic guardian, then Giant Schnauzer can your first choice.


Important Highlights of Giant Schnauzer

There are many things that you should know before going to adopt this Giant Schnauzer breed.

  • Giant Schnauzer is an energetic breed and you need to give them at least two long walks per day – and also you should give them 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day.
  • They are very difficult to handle when not trained and also prove to be destructive in nature. With proper training and mental stimulation, you can make them loyal and constructive.
  • Giant Schnauzer is not a kind of family dog especially not good for children. It’s because they have forceful behavior and larger in size.
  • Although they are very friendly dogs, they can be excellent yard dogs where they can play and train.
  • You must give them proper training and train their social behavior. They are very aggressive towards unknown people, dogs, and other animals. They have suspicious instincts for strangers and may cause harm to them.
  • Giant Schnauzer also needs personal hygiene. You might need to brush their teeth three times a week. Also, you need to strip their coat and clip their nails to give them neat and clean looks.
  • Make sure you are not buying Giant Schnauzer from any puppy mill, a pet store, or from a backyard breeder. Search for local rescue if you have made your mind for this breed.


Giant Schnauzer Background

There are three Schnauzer breeds, one of them is the Giant Schnauzer. They are developed in Germany and used for driving cattle. And also used to work in a butcher shop and stockyard. The Giant Schnauzer is considered to be bred from standard Schnauzer with some other larger smooth-coated dogs and black Great Dane.

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Some experts say Bouvier des Flandres may also play some role in its development. In the 1900s, Giant Schnauzer was used in police work in Berlin and Germany and used it as it is ever since. They were unable to become popular in the United States as a police dog because German shepherd was already in use of police. And German shepherd beats Giant Schnauzer to it.

The Giant Schnauzer Club of America was established in 1962, at that time Giant Schnauzer was unknown to people of America. Today, this breed is still at the lower ranking in the list of breeds and the varieties registered by the American Kennel Club.

How to take care of Giant Schnauzer?

You should know that Giant Schnauzer is not a kind of apartment dog breed. They have an extremely high energy level and you should have a fenced home-backyard. Also, make sure Giant Schnauzer is inside the fence and only those people are around it whom it already knows.

They need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. This dog loves to dig and chew things, make sure you give them something to chew or make them busy in a productive way. If you want them to avoid destructive behaviors, make them busy in your work routine to help you in it. They get bored with similar regular routines. Create a challenging environment for them so they remain engaged with it.

Make sure you are trimming their nails and hairs regularly. These dogs breed loves to jump on its master, make sure you have trimmed their nails so they cannot scratch you.

What to feed them?

The food intake of your adult Giant Schnauzer breed depends upon their age, metabolism, and size. Consider them an individual with needs and feelings. You tell with common sense, a highly active dog requires more amount of food than a regular. They also need you to provide them quality food.

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Keep your Giant Schnauzer friend in good condition by providing a healthy diet and regular exercise. Do measure their weight and keep close an eye on it as it can be a serious health issue afterward. Place your hands on its back like thumbs along the spine. You should be able to feel their ribs, if not then there is a need for more exercise and a little bit less food.

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