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Dogo Argentino- How To Train These Alpha Leaders?

Argentino Dogo

Dogo Argentino is a popular dog breed for pet lovers and those who like hunting dogs. This dog belongs to a pack-hunting breed with athletic characteristics, strength, and intelligence. Such dogs have a very quick response and work fast. They have a completely white smooth coat that is short and plain with little patches around the eye area that is only 10% of their head. We can say that this dog choice is very popular because of the strong and muscular body and ferocious qualities. They pursue a strong personality so they will make a great watchdog. 

Dogo Argentino Characteristics

This breed of dog is bred especially for hunting and protection. The complete height is 23” after they grow completely. They are always white in color with dark patches around the eye. Dogo Argentino has a very muscular and robust body that makes them better at military training, hunting, and rescue. They are also used in assistance with the police. When their coat is completely plain, it is considered a good thing and any marks lower their value. Even the dark eye patches should not cover more than 10% of their head.

They love to mark their territory and protect their own thing. They don’t like to be dominated, in fact, they are the type of dogs that always tend to be alpha leaders. Other breed dogs can’t tell them what to do. Just like any other breed, these dogs are man’s best friend. 

Can Dogo Argentino Be Gentle?

This is a very unique and favorite quality of Dogo Argentino that they can be trained in any way. If you want to keep them with a family, they can be trained to be gentle and friendly and they will be especially if you adopt a puppy. Although the real reason for their breed is to hunt and be ferocious, still they can be family dogs with the right training. Most families don’t choose such dogs to keep as pets because of the way they react to things and act aggressively. Still, there are families and dog handlers who love to keep such dogs and train them accordingly. They are similar to Borzoi Dogs in this matter. 


Training Tips for Dogo Argentino 

How do you plan on training such as ferocious fellows? There are different ways and we are going to discuss all for your assistance. The best thing you can do is to adopt a puppy because molding its nature can be easier as compared to a grown-up dog. You can easily accomplish your goals this way and mild the way your dog reacts.

Train with a Style

You must understand the importance of a training method you choose for a certain breed of dog. You need to be very consistent in order to teach the dog a certain thing because that can take time. If you want good results from your dog, you need to be patient and keep trying to teach the thing as much as it takes to get them on track. Repeat your instructions again and again and try to make the dog do it. 


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Use Stern Voice

You need to make your voice stern while giving orders but don’t harm the dog physically because it can leave a bad impact on him. If you even hit the dog, it will in turn make it more aggressive and someday it can attack back. If you want their rebellious fellow to do what you say, you just make him learn with punishments and rewards. Make sure that the punishments are not physical. It also helps to learn how to potty train a dog


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Set Boundaries For Dogo Argentino

You need to make a clear line between things you want your dog to do and things you don’t. This clear boundary will let the puppy know when it is doing a bad deed. If you don’t want your puppy on your bed, you need to reach it from the very start. There are different ways to do that but the most effective one is to instruct your dog not to do that in a firm voice. You can hold its paws and stop it to do anything like that and make them believe that you don’t want such behavior in your house. 

Make Your Dog Socialise

Socializing is a very important session in training your dog because it allows it to be less aggressive towards people and other dogs. This method works the best for Dogo Argentino because this way they get used to the presence of people and know how to react. It will refrain them from attacking anyone so make sure you take your dog to parks or walk. 


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