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KONG Harness: A Comfortable Way To Train And Walk With Your Dog


As the name depicts – KONG: A high-quality pet product. They put forward their harness for pets in a variety of designs. The sole purpose of the harness is to have more control over your pet and to save your pet from dog collars that cause chocking. Dog harnesses prevent strain from the pet trachea. You can also use it for puppies who have not learned yet how to walk with the owner. Here I will be telling you what makes KONG Harness a special and most trustworthy brand for your dog.

KONG Harness ensures that your dog walks in comfort. Its special reflective material serves as a prominent walking aid for your pet. It comes up with a back handle that allows the dog owner to control its trajectory.

KONG Reflective Chest Plate Dog Harness

Kong Comfort Padded Reflective Chest Plate

This KONG Harness comes up with three beautiful different colors. Its sole duty is to give you full control over your pet but also not hurting it in any way. KONG Reflective Chest Plate Dog Harness comes up Neoprene lining that is a soft material and makes your dog feel comfortable.


  • Its material is Nylon that is very durable, strong, and soft in nature. This is also featured with Plastic buckles that give you more ease and control while walking with the dog.
  • To ensure a perfect fit, this KONG Harness comes up with a fully adjustable collar and chest strap.
  • You will also have a padded handle on the back, allow you to control your pet while walking or running.
  • This KONG Harness also has reflective stripping on the chest of your pet that makes the pet visible while having a walk
  • It’s more wide front panel evenly distribute the weight to avoid chafing.
  • Neoprene inner lining makes your pet feel more comfortable as it is also soft and doesn’t irritate your pet also.
  • Strong and tough material to comfort and hold your dog effectively
  • you can customize its size as it is highly adjustable and easily fit your dog in
  • very soft material to comfort you and your dog
  • it is very easy to put on and off

  • The leash is not as reflective as others to have full control in low light
  • hooks some time get broken

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KONG On-The-Go Adjustable Harness


This KONG harness comes up with a four-point adjustment and allows you to have full control over your pet. It’s material also very soft and has a very comfortable design. This KONG On-the-Go dog harness is best for those dogs that are hard-to-fit. Its adjustability allows you to make it fit on small puppies and the fat dog on the other extreme.


  • The paracord material is lightweight that might be comfortable and safe for both owner and the dog.
  • It is highly adjustable and allows you to adjust with multiple points for small size puppies and fat dogs.
  • It’s simple to put on the dog. Simply you need to put it on the dog head part and make it fit.
  • When in low light, its reflective stripes allow you to control your pet in a better way
  • very soft material to comfort you and your dog
  • In low light, its reflective dog leash helps you to maintain your control over your pet
  • Highly adjustable to fit in your dog
  • it is very easy to put on and off

  • Not recommended for small puppies
  • its leash hook is of bad quality

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KONG Comfort Padded Harness

KONG by Barker Brands

It’s one the KONG Harnesses that are simple to put on and makes your dog feel comfortable when wearing it. This is a kind of everyday padded harness for all sized dogs.


  • For maximum comfort, this KONG Harness featured with pad from inside. This also gives extra support to your dog and makes an easy to walk with you.
  • The handle on the back allows you to grab or fastened a strap. This makes the job a lot easier for the dog owner to hold on to it.
  • It has belly and chest straps that are fully adjustable. Just make sure you don’t make it too much tight for your pet
  • It also comes up with a D-ring leash attachment on the back that might also be comfortable for you.
  • it has a padded chest plate and wide neck strap
  • Safe design to avoid dog to chock
  • you can adjust to fit your pet
  • it is very easy to put on and off

  • only one point to attach the leash

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