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Best Dog Eye Drops To Get Rid of Irritants and Obtain Clean Eyes


Most of the people are not aware of the fact that dogs have 3 eyelids that make it harder for them to get rid of any irritants gone into their eyes. Dogs have short height as compared to humans and that way they come across a lot of debris and dirt that can get stuck in their eyes. That way, we are not surprised why dog eye drops are so popular among pet owners. 

Still, a lot of owners will try to avoid them because they can be really hard to administer and not everyone is up for such commitment. We understand why they think so but if the right steps are taken, the problem can be solved easily. Using drops on your dog is similar to using dog nail grinders or dog clippers because you need to make sure that they are not moving. 


Best Dog Eye Drops

  • Totally safe to use
  • Doesn’t sting in the eye
  • Effectively clean the eye
  • Not harmful
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  • Affordable
  • Effective and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Safety
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How To Check Your Dog’s Eyes?

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to administer the drops in the right way.

  1. Properly wash your hands because they will get very close to the eyes of your dog. Make sure they are sanitized and washed so you don’t leave any debris or bacteria. 
  2. Make sure the area is well lit because it is very precise work. You can’t notice it in poor lighting. Check if there is any debris or dirt in the eye.
  3. Make sure the third eyelid is not visible and for that, you have to look directly into their eyes. 
  4. Hold the head of your dog with one hand and keep it still. Use your thumb and forefinger to open the lid of his eye and make sure you see the pink lining, not red or white. 
  5. Check the reflexes of your dog by using the “Menace Test” to see if the vision of your dog is okay. 
  6. Make sure to do this treatment after every 2-3 months if the dog is older. If you notice anything strange, check it right away. 


How to Administer Dog Eye Drops?

  1. Securely hold your dog from the back of its head. Back them with solid furniture or walls. If there is a helping hand, make them hold their legs. 
  2. Be gentle and clean the part around their eyes using a damp cotton ball and discard them immediately. 
  3. Position the head of your dog in a fixed position with your non-dominant hand and keep the dog eye drops bottle in the other hand.
  4. Add 5-6 drops into its eye without the tip touching the inside of the eye. 
  5. Let the dog blink to take in the remaining liquid to remove any debris. 

Best Dog Eye Drops 

If you are ready to get one for your dog now, how will you choose the brand? Because if you just randomly pick one, it will not leave any good effects on the sight of your dog.  We have reviewed the best brands that you can’t go wrong with. These brands are the most effective and can be used easily. But what good is the best dog eye drops if you don’t know the right way to use them?

Vetericyn 1037 Plus Eye Wash 

These Vetericyn 1037 dog eye drops are a safe and effective way to relieve any irritation in the eyes. It will soothe itchy eyes, redness and improve the eyesight. They will also eliminate any yellow staining on the fur of your puppy. 

You get 3 ounces in the bottle and it is enough for everyday use. There is Hypochlorous Acid in the formula in 0.009% form to make sure that it is safe for all dogs and gets the work done.

Vetericyn Eye-Wash

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  • Can be used as eye relief for different problems.
  • Effectively clean the eye.
  • Totally safe to use.
  • Doesn’t sting in the eye.
  • It will not be harmful if the dog licks it. 


  • Better eyesight will help them spot any treats from a long distance.

Nutri-Vet Dog Eye Drops

These Nutri Vet Dog eye drops are the best option at a very affordable rate. It is an Ophthalmic solution to help with itchiness and tear stains on the fur of your puppy. It will also be great to remove eye irritation and remove any debris in the eye. 

This is an antimicrobial solution that is best for daily use because it is great for infections, Allergies, and other eye problems. This formula is very gentle and will make sure that it doesn’t sting the eye. 


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  • It is an affordable dog eye drop option 
  • It is effective and safe for dog
  • The bottle is easy to use
  • It will not burn in the eyes of your dog


  • It is not great for soothing injuries. 
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