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Best Dog Ear Cleaners to Prevent Ear Infections, Inflammation and Allergy


It’s difficult to say which is the best dog ear cleaner as long as it serves its purpose of preventing ear infection in dogs. Cleaning your dog’s ear should be a regular part of the weekly grooming procedure to prevent his ears from nasty odors, otitis externa, otitis media, otitis externa, inflammation, redness, and bacterial infections.

Rubbing the cleaning wipes inside the dog’s ear canal is not enough, it may not remove any infection, though may keep bacteria at bay. Therefore, you need to opt for the best dog ear cleaners to keep your dog’s ear cleaning.

Best Dog Ear Cleaners

ZYMOX Dog Ear Cleaner
  • Patent formula
  • Natural LP3 Enzyme
  • Soothes infection
  • Affordable
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Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser

  • Sensitive skin
  • Remove debris
  • Safe Formula
  • Reliable
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Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit
  • Irritated Ears
  • Effective and quick
  • Ingredients
  • Reliable
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ZYMOX Dog Ear Cleaner

ZYMOX is a patented proven enzymatic formula to clean a dog’s ear without any side-effects. This hydrocortisone product has received thousands of positive customer reviews, filled with praises and words of appraisals.

Patent formula:

Never make the mistake of using any other hydrocortisone product when cleaning and wiping the dog’s ear. You need something that’s safe and gentle to use in their ear canal, ZYMOX is best for acute and chronic otitis and all sorts of fungal infection.

Natural LP3 Enzyme

If there’s an allergy or yeast infection in a dog’s ear that’s causing a foul smell. Dab this solution on the cotton to remove the inner canals of dog ears. You will notice that this formula contains only effective and natural LP3 enzyme with tremendous cleaning power.  The price is also very affordable, instead of using any antibiotic cleaner, use this one for the safety of your dog.

Soothes infection

Using it one or two times inside the ears would soothe any type of inflammation, redness, and yeast infection that your dog might have. It won’t sting, cause any trouble or discomfort.   It contains only 1% hydrocortisone in the formula, making it gentle, safe, and quick itch relief.

You need not wipe the dog’s ear prior to using this formula. This antimicrobial works effectively whenever you apply it, no pre-cleaning required whatsoever.


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Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser For Dogs

Virbac Epi-Otic dog ear cleaner is a very effective formula. It removes wax build-up with its powerful ingredients, eliminates ear infection, chronic otitis externa, bacterial growth, dead skin cells, and debris from the dog’s ear.

Sensitive skin

It dries out the ear canals when applied to the area of infection and inflammation. Lack of moisturizer inhibits the production and formation of bacteria that causes redness, rashes, and foul odor. Therefore, this formula is headed safely for cleaning sensitive ears that can’t tolerate traditional style antibiotic and pharmaceutical formulas containing chemicals.

Remove debris

This PH-balanced dog ear cleaning formula is safe for regular use, it helps emulsify excessive wax build-up, remove debris, and cleanse dead skin cells from the ears. It is specifically based on keratolytic that ensures nice surface and in-depth cell-levels cleaning to ensure healthy skin inside the ears.

Safe Formula

Whereas most dog ear cleaners have intense and intolerable chemicals, this one is neutralized with patent ingredients. It never irritates the dog’s ear or causes any discomfort when applied during ear cleaning preparations.  Not only is it anti-irritant but is also anti-adhesive, meaning that it discourages and stops the bonding of microorganisms.


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Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit

Vet’s best dog ear cleaner kit is known for being effective in eliminating the infection, wax build-up, and yeast infection from the dog’s ears. You can use this gentle formula regularly to make sure that your dog’s ears are in a good healthy state. Make this formula part of the weekly dog grooming routine along with dog clippers and nail grinders. Cleaning the ear canals is so important to prevent bad odor and infections. It’s better to prevent the disease by using the nice dog ear cleaner beforehand so keep your pet healthy.

Irritated Ears

Vet’s best dog cleaner is an ear relief wash and dry cleaner kit. You need to use the kit to remove any visible infection that you notice on the dog’s ear. Whether it is chronic or acute, you can simply treat it with this kit.

If you feel smelly dog ears, don’t want to the vet appointment, just use this soothing formula to relieve irritated dog’s ears.

Effective and quick

This is a veterinarian formula, proven to cleanse the dog’s ears from infection, inflammation, redness, and rashes. Upon one use, it starts relieving the greasy and itchy ears with its powerful ingredients. For the most part, this formula is an effective treatment for a dog’s itchy and smelly ears when there’s no medication for you to use to relieve his discomfort.


Fortunately, there are no heavy pharmaceutical chemicals used in the formula of this dog ear cleaner. With the extensive benefits of chamomile, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and clove oil, this is really effective when applied even for one time. It contains no alcohol or chemicals to cause irritation and stinging during application. More importantly, this dog ear cleaner is completely natural made up of great ingredients for ear relief.

Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit

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