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Top 9 Best Dog Christmas Pajamas to Buy This Christmas

Best Dog Christmas Pajamas

Dogs are family members, after all, so why not let them in on the Christmas fun? The season is a busy one for all of us, so today We are writing about how to get your dog into the spirit of things. If you’re thinking of buying your dog some Christmas pajamas, read this blog first. You’ll be surprised by how amazing these Christmas pajamas are!

One of the most fun and exciting times of year for dog owners is Christmas. It’s the season for good cheer, mistletoe, and loads of presents for you and your family members. Of course, Christmas is also a time for family togetherness, hot chocolate, and special meals with all your beloved ones sitting around a table enjoying a delicious dinner. Dogs want in on the Christmas festivities too! They love to dress up in costumes and play games with their owners.

There are too many dog Christmas pajamas in the market. It becomes difficult to choose the best one which gives a comfy and unique look to your canines. We have done the research and found the top 9 best dog Christmas pajamas for you. We have done this research so that you may not waste your time looking for the best dog Christmas pajamas.

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Top 9 Best Dog Christmas Pajamas Reviews

Following are the reviews of the top 9 best dog Christmas pajamas:

1.     Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Dog Christmas Pajamas Review

In the cold winter months, even dogs that usually don’t wear warm sweaters will appreciate a cozy pajama. The flannel pajamas from Klippo are made specifically for dogs that need additional heat while curled up on their bed at night.

Penguins and snowflakes adorn the surface of this red fabric. There are four sleeves, a collar, two pockets, and a snap-button closure on the front. A Klippo ID tag is attached to a D-ring at the top of the front opening of the Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Pajamas for Dogs. In addition to being durable, these pajamas fit so well, too.

        Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Dog Christmas Pajamas

Buy Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Dog Christmas Pajamas at $32.99

2.     Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Dog Pajamas and Clothes Review

Featuring a jumpsuit-style cut and soft, thick fabric, this blue Fitwarm pajama is a soft and warm choice. This Christmas PJ has a penguin and snowflake print that will make it the perfect PJ to wear. The neckline and cuffs of this shirt are ribbed in green. These dog Christmas pajamas feature elasticized bottoms and lower front openings to keep them in place.

For all dog clothing, it is important to take measurements and chest girth is usually the determining factor. The length should also be taken into account with pantsuits and one-piece pajamas like the Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Pet Clothes for Dogs. ThiWhile these pet clothes are very well made, it’s imperative that they fit properly. There are five sizes available, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Dog Pajamas and Clothes

Buy: Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Dog Pajamas and Clothes at $12.99

3.     PajamaGram Santa Suit Dog Christmas Pajama Set Review

It is hard to believe that these pajamas from PajamaGram are so well made. It makes sense since these are human-grade clothes made especially for our furry four-legged friends. The material is made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which allows maximum breathability and flexibility.

Christmas pajamas for dogs are available in a red-and-white combination, with black buttons and belt replicas. The PajamaGram Santa Suit Dog Christmas Pajama Set has sleeves for the forelegs as well as white edging used on the hem, neckline, and cuffs of the sleeves.

PajamaGram Santa Suit Dog Christmas Pajama Set

Buy: PajamaGram Santa Suit Dog Christmas Pajama Set at $21.99-$60.99

4.     Fitwarm Dog Christmas Santa Thermal Pajamas Review

Despite the sub-zero temperatures, this pajama-and-jumpsuit outfit from Fitwarm is perfect not only for Christmas but also for any other day. It has a thick, fleece-like fabric and covers all the limbs, leaving only the lower front exposed. The navy blue pajamas of these Christmas dog pajamas feature prints of reindeer and snowflakes.

Foreleg sleeves are attached in a raglan style, which provides a more comfortable fit. Ribbed edging adorns all necklines and cuffs, increasing the fit and making it easier to wear and remove. This dog pajama set is made out of top-quality materials and crafted with great craftsmanship.

Fitwarm Dog Christmas Santa Thermal Pajamas

Buy: Fitwarm Dog Christmas Santa Thermal Pajamas at $15.99

5.     Fitwarm Santa’s Reindeer Dog Christmas Pajamas Review

Another outstanding pajama from Fitwarm, this time with all of the same features as the one before. There is the same soft material, raglan-style sleeve attachment, and ribbed edges as on the previous model. Santa and reindeer prints are arranged in a green-and-red pattern on this one.

The bottom of the pajamas allows your dog to pee, but the edging around that opening is elasticized to keep everything snug and close. Due to limited availability, Fitwarm’s Cute Santa Reindeer Pet Clothes are only available in small sizes.

Fitwarm Santa's Reindeer Dog Christmas Pajamas

Buy: Fitwarm Santa’s Reindeer Dog Christmas Pajamas at $13.99

6.     Doggie Design Dog  Christmas Pajamas Review

Santa’s Lil Helper dog pajamas from Doggie Design may not appear warm or thick, but trust us, it is warm even when it’s not thick. This special thermal clothing is made of cotton fabric that retains heat while not weighing your dog down.

Featuring full coverage for all limbs, open tails, and a lower front part, this pajama is cleverly designed. There is an embroidered phrase on the lower back that says, Santa’s Lil Helper. The small-size Christmas dog pajamas will fit dogs whose chest girth is 13-16″, whose back length is 10″, and whose neck size is 10-12″. Try Santa’s Lil Helper Dog Pajamas from Doggie Design if you have a Yorkie.

Doggie Design Dog  Christmas Pajamas

Buy: Doggie Design Dog  Christmas Pajamas at $19.99

7.     LazyOne Dog Christmas Pajama FlapJack Review

A flapjack pajama is more comfortable than anything else. The dog onesie by LazyOne is no exception. Preshrunk 100% ribbed cotton provides high breathability, flexibility, and durability. The full coverage will certainly keep your dog warm during the cold winter months. The pattern features red, gray, blue, and white tones with outlines of elks, snowflakes, and rhombuses.

Starting at extra small, these Christmas dog pajamas are available in four sizes, sizing based on length. Considering the LazyOne Dog Pajama FlapJack is a onesie with limb covering, it is indeed necessary to measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. For dogs with broader shoulders or larger girths, it may be difficult to find the perfect fit without chest measurements.

LazyOne Dog Christmas Pajama FlapJack

Buy: LazyOne Dog Christmas Pajama FlapJack at $18.99

8.     Lanyar’s Holiday Penguin Christmas Pajamas Review

The snowflake and penguin print on this blue pajama jumpsuit from Lanyar is adorable. Made with a blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra for flexibility, these Christmas dog pajamas are made from 100% cotton material. There are some similarities between this and the Fitwarm Christmas pajamas we mentioned above, including the open bottom and front, raglan sleeves, and full leg coverage.

Since this is cotton, it is much thinner than Fitwarm’s fleece fabric. These Lanyar Holiday Penguin Xmas Cotton Pet Dog Pajamas will also be great for people who live in places that don’t get too cold during the holidays. There is a size chart with the length, chest, and neck measurements. To determine if this pajama will fit all four legs, the back length must be measured first. The next measurements would be the chest and neck. Size up if it is too tight on the chest.

Lanyar’s Holiday Penguin Christmas Pajamas

Buy: Lanyar’s Holiday Penguin Christmas Pajamas at $9.98

9.     CuteBone Dog Christmas Pajamas Review

Designed with a piece of fleece-like polyester fabric, this pajama from CuteBone will undoubtedly keep your pet warm at night as he or she sleeps. It’s a white fabric with a cute cacti print. Christmas dog pajamas with ribbed cuffs, belly, and tail openings are a continuous outfit. The sleeves are ribbed around the wrists.

It would be very comfortable for dogs to wear this PJ because it doesn’t weigh them down. CuteBone Dog Pajamas – Cactus looks fantastic on dogs and makes walking or going to a party more enjoyable, especially in cold weather. There are seven patterns to choose from and five sizes to choose from.

CuteBone Dog Christmas Pajamas

Buy: CuteBone Dog Christmas Pajamas at $12.99

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Christmas Pajamas

Following things should be kept in mind before buying Dog Christmas Pajamas:

Fits Properly

Quality dog pajamas ensure that your pup is snug and properly fitted. Sleeves that don’t stay on properly are a serious problem with low-quality designs. A poorly designed pajama sleeve can be uncomfortable even if your dog’s measurements are perfect. Furthermore, pajamas that dogs are able to remove too easily will make them uncomfortable. Choosing a pair of quality pajamas that fit well is key to ensuring that the pair stays on for a holiday photo session.

Reason of Purchase

Pajamas for dogs are commonly ordered by pet owners for a specific purpose. A pair of matching pajamas for your furry friend on Christmas morning is one of the biggest reasons to order a pair of holiday pajamas. Christmas pajamas serve the same purpose as dog boots, including keeping your dog warm during the chilly winter nights. You should determine what purpose the dog pajamas will serve before you buy them.

A Durable Material

The same goes for clothing for dogs as it does for humans. Durable fabrics are used by quality brands to prevent wear and tear. It is worth shopping for a design that won’t immediately rip or fall apart, even if you will only be using the PJs for a few Christmas days.


Dog Christmas Pajamas are a great way to perfectly dress your dog on the eve of Christmas. We have presented you with the top 9 best dog Christmas Pajamas and a comprehensive dog Christmas pajamas buying guide. Dog owners interested in giving their pets a unique look on the eve of Christmas should thoroughly go through these reviews before purchasing dog Christmas pajamas.

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