Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review For You

When we talk about some of the most famous brands for dog foods, we can’t forget to mention Wellness as it produces some of the best products for your little friends. Dogs belonging to different ages and size groups have different needs and that is why they need a portion of really specific dog food. Here we will be giving you a detailed Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review to give you an idea if this is the right choice for your doggie or not. 

One of the most growing industries today is the pet food industry and that is good for pet owners. There are a lot of brands including Wholehearted dog food reviews. I feel great when I see a lot of options on the market when I go shopping for my dog. There are more brands in a single shelf of a supermarket that we can count on our fingers and the wide variety of options available like low-fat products, high proteins, specific nutritious ingredients, and so on.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review

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A layman like me and you are going to be nothing other than super confused. Don’t worry we have got answers to all of your questions. This one can also be used as one of the best dog food for pit bulls

Ingredients Guide

We are here to guide you through all that what is good for your lovely pets and what is bad and what pathetic pet food brands are out there playing with your emotions and the health of your pets. Hold on, learn and decide what your Dog needs. You will have to keep in mind all the allergies and look for the best dog food for hypothyroidism. 

Here takes a look at Our review on Wellness dog food it includes recall history, ingredient quality, company info, and more.

  • Carbs 46%
  • Proteins 24%
  • Fats 12% 
  • Fibre 4%

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review

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It has a medium quantity of proteins at 24% coming directly from chicken and chicken meals. The Fat quantity is quite low at 12% which creates more room for carbohydrates in a dose. The quantity of Carbohydrates is 46% which gives instant energy to your pet to actively perform daily tasks. The carbs come directly from Ground brown rice, Ground barley, and oatmeal all of which are healthy and provide extra fiber proteins to the diet. 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine and chondroitin are also added to this diet here to provide extra support to your dog if it is suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis. Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review also takes good care of your dog’s heart by adding some taurine. In case your dog is suffering from any of these diseases the diet from wellness could support the health of your dog from all aspects. 


Not too much but a decent amount of antitoxin fruits and vegetables are also added to the core recipe of wellness like apples, blueberries sweet potatoes, and carrots. 

Overview of Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review

Wellness provides a broad range high quality of wet and dry food for dogs. They have various distributions for different sizes and ages of dogs. They also take care of special nutritional requirements and allergy-friendly food. You can also look for the best organic dog food options for your fur babies

Wellness claims that they only use high-quality ingredients and avoid the use of following natural-synthetic supplements.

  • GMOs
  • Fillers
  • By-products

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review

Wellness also offers a large variety of packet sizes to meet your different requirements and buying habits. Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review is not the most expensive brand on the market but trust me it is not so easy to afford.

It maintains its public interaction with a nicely maintained website where feedback from customers is appreciated and valued. They also run a YouTube channel where you can learn to use the different significance of their products and other very interesting content worth watching. 

What Do We Think About the Brand?

Here is some interesting information that you should also know. 

After you do some research you can say that this brand can be trusted with my pet’s health and life. The brand must have a lot of blindly trusting followers and people who are buying their stuff are highly satisfied and have no complaints or issues. Just like others in the market we also recommend their pet food.

We think Wellness dog food actually delivers much quality and nutrition for your four-legged friend and that means you will not have to worry about the dietary needs as it fulfills all of them. 

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Manufacturers of Wellness dog food 

The manufacturer of Wellness dog food is WellPet Limited Liability Company. Their headquarters are located near Boston, Massachusetts. This company originally comes from a dog biscuit manufacturer called Old Mother Hubbard which originally came from a bakery in 1873 although wellness is registered as a brand since 1997. 

Wellness has a large variety of dog food and also has a decent market of cat food supply. Wellness is a supplier to many other brands like Sojo’s, Old Mother Hubbard, Holistic Select, and Eagle Pack. 

Importance of different good and bad ingredients. 

The ingredients in the Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review core recipe are mostly Important and good at their place but few require a little more unfolding.


Deboned Turkey–Yes

Turkey is a great source of protein it including dog food is a very smart and healthy choice. First of all, it is easy to digest and contains fewer fats and calories which favors the health of your dog.

Turkey Meal–yes 

Meat is good but that much? Yes, it’s that good and the meal is dehydrated which makes its nutritions concentrated. 

Chicken Meal –Yes

Yes, more meat no worries, Chicken meal is a dehydrated great concentrated source of proteins that add more nutrition than volume to the dose and is economically friendly to add as compared to other proteins. Although its extensive use in dog food has also led it to a common allergen in the dog petting community. 


Tomato Pomace 

It is a bit controversial as many disagree as it is a bi-product of tomato soup from the juice industry But many also agree as it is a great source of vitamins, nutrients, and fibers. 

Ground Flaxseed

It is considered to be a great source of fatty acids like omega 3 and its high percentage of soluble fibers makes it even more favorable.

Salmon Oil 

Fish oils are known for being full of omega 3 and omega 6 which are good for the cardiovascular system, skin, hair, and joints. They also contain a lot of vitamins like vitamin B.

Blueberries, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract 

These three ingredients are an amazing source of antioxidants. One of the most common reasons for a dog’s death aged over 10 years is cancer and antioxidants are amazingly capable of keeping your dog away from certain types of cancer along with other health benefits.



There is nothing wrong with potatoes they are a source of starch and carbohydrates. But they are not recommendable as they don’t have any significant health benefits. They are used in place of grains which takes away the goodness of grains from the meal your dog is having.


Natural Chicken Flavor 

This ingredient in the list serves no health purpose and is just added to enhance the flavor of the food. Dogs don’t care much about the flavor they eat a lot of unappetizing things. As enough meat is already added this ingredient serves no value in nutrition and just takes extra volume in the meal which can be utilized by any other useful ingredient.

Copper Sulphate 

If we take a glance over a dog’s nutritional requirements, we are not going to see copper sulfate anywhere, but the dog food manufacturers keep it in their list of ingredients. Copper sulfate is an irritant in nature, but the quantity added in dog food is considered safe, but it can be harmful to your dog. It’s included in dog food but I’m sure it serves no important purpose and many people would like not to include it.


Sodium Selenite 

Sodium selenite is required by the body of dogs, but selenium is toxic in nature when taken in large quantities. A study showed that sodium selenite is even more toxic than natural yeast of selenium. Its the amount added in dog food is although considered safe, complications have also occurred in the past which has led some dog owners afraid of this ingredient. 

What kind of Dogs are suited for Wellness?


Specified formulas are available for puppies belonging to different sizes of breeds. The key points are different in formulas but all of them include DHA for brain development Specific nutrients for larger breeds. A lot of good options are available, but I prefer to gain free blends.


A large variety of options are available just select the required flavor. Adult dogs need a very subtle amount of ingredients because anything in excess might prove to be unhealthy for them. Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review actually delivers all that you need for an adult dog. 


Different formulations are available for standard and small size breeds, but the senior section is not provided with grain-free blends. When it comes to seniors, an excessive ingredient might be dangerous so make sure you look at the ingredients at the back of a package and that will keep your dog safe. 


Active dogs’ diet includes some extra calories to burn and provide them with the required energy. Also, active dogs go out more often so other supplements to improve the immune system of the dog are also added in addition to bone-strengthening nutrients.

Less active 

Less active dogs are less likely to burn calories, so fish meat is used to lower the number of fats and good for the hair of their coat. The dogs who tend to just sit at a place and not move around a lot should not be given a heavy diet because that will result in overweighing them so make sure that doesn’t happen. Their diet should be light enough so it can be digested even if they are sitting in one place. 

Small breeds 

As Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review offers a large variety of wet and dry food products and wet food is preferred for small breeds. It also offers one-dose packages to maintain the fresh goodness of every dose.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food Review Check Price on Amazon

Fussy eaters 

Wellness offers a large variety of flavors so you can try all and have the patience to find the favorite. When your dog is picky, make sure you don’t get anything that he doesn’t like in his food. 

Dogs with allergies 

The options for exotic proteins are very limited. Try a simple line blend of dog foods. Anything that your dog is allergic to must be eliminated from the food so that he eats clean and you need not worry about his health in this regard. Make sure to take your up for an allergy test because you might see something unexpected. 

Overweight dogs 

The foods for overweight dogs have reduced fats which come in 3 lines and the most preferred is Complete Healthy De-Boned Chicken & Peas. This will ensure that they are not getting fatty ingredients in their diet. 

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