Low Sodium Dog Food to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases, High Blood Pressure, and Medication Concerns in Dogs


Sodium is one of the essential nutrients for humans as well as animals.  However, excessive amounts can cause a problem. So only a limited part is necessary as a balanced diet. Let’s know more about the sodium diet for your four-legged friend.

Why is sodium important for dogs?

Like many other components, sodium is an essential ingredient for dogs, but only in a minimal quantity. It helps to maintain the water level and is compulsory for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. 

In case your dog has any stomach, heart, kidney, or liver problems, you should buy low sodium food. These foods are not only the best ones for a balanced diet but can keep your dog healthy all the time. 

But the problem is this; it is quite difficult to find low sodium dog food. Companies are not allowed to mention sodium information in the description. So how can you find the best low sodium dog food? 

Well, no need to worry about it. You aren’t alone doing that; we are here to tell you about the three top best low sodium dog foods available in the market.  Make sure to choose the low-carb and low calories food with high nutrients so your dog can have the energy it needs for extracurricular activities. 

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Best Low sodium dog foods

Honest Kitchen Organic Grain Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen is one of the most trust-worthy pet food brands. No doubt, this dog food is made up of all-natural products and low in sodium. 

Ingredients: Its ingredients contain organic grains, beef meat, and other healthy diets like fruits and vegetables. It has minimum fats, maximum proteins, and many other necessary fibers. 

Good for canines: It is also fortified with minerals and vitamins that work as a bonus for those canines, which have digestion and stomach problems. 

Low-calories: This is a healthy product but relatively low in calories that somehow make it a portion of perfect dog food. 

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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Suppose any food diet that was rich in sodium created any stomach or skin issues in your dog.  You can quickly sort that problem out by using Hill’s dry dog food. 

Health Issues: This food is highly recommended for those dogs that have kidney, heart, and liver problems. By decreasing the sodium levels in their diet, you can make them healthy in a short time. 

Minerals and Vitamins: It contains all-natural ingredients, along with vitamins and necessary minerals for dog food. It is one of those foods in the market, which have no artificial flavors and colors. 

Wholesome food: This dog food is a wholesome guaranteed diet for canines and a perfect diet for all mealtimes.  They boost their energy keeping their stomach full when they are hungry.

low sodium dog food

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Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness pet food brand is very famous for its pure and quality food products.  They have launched a series of great items for pets, this one is no exception. 

Weak dogs: This product is incredibly best for those dogs, which are physically not strong.  It is full of all necessary natural ingredients and minerals. It is less in fats and also grain-free. 

Benefits of vegetables: This specific dry food also contains healthy veggies like carrots, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, flaxseed, and many more. Therefore, it is a perfect diet for physically weak dogs and those who have stomach and heart problems. 

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low sodium dog food

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Earthborn Holistic Chips Chicken Casserole

Earthborn always makes nice protein-packed dog food variants for those canines who love to eat healthy food without wanting to compromise on the taste. Their treats always have nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, carrots, green peas, and apples.

Highly nutritious: With a slight taste of pumpkin, this chicken casserole is wholesome meat for your pet, it is completely gluten and grain-free. Therefore, your dog will have the feeling of fullness along with the energy it needs to feel revived. 

Immune system: Not to mention that your dog needs excellent food that’s filled with vitamins and essential nutrients. Dog’s immune system needs to be injected with food carrying high nutrition levels. So this Earthborn chicken casserole is just what he needs, featuring vegetables, carrots, green peas, and apples. The nutrients levels are formulated to a certain balance according to AAFCO rules. 

Pack size: This 9.oz size is enough to make a meal for your dog a day. However, if you serve him food in proportion, save some for later. This BPA-free tub would last for two or three meals. Try to use it within a day or two once you open it. 

low sodium dog food

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The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food

The honest kitchen offers value packs of chicken, beef, wild-caught fish, and turkey low-sodium dog food in different sizes. It offers 1.75 oz (makes 12 packs), 2 lbs, 4 lbs, and 10 lbs of grain-free food from caged free turkey that make respectively 8 lbs, 16 lbs, and 40 lbs. One small pack of dog food is sure to last ages.

Dry Turkey: This dog food is processed specifically in dry food to keep its nutrients for easy digestion. Featuring the combo of coconut with spinach, the Honest Kitchen dog food is rich in fiber and healthy vitamins for your dog’s powerful digestive and immune systems. 

Great taste: The pack has human-grade turkey food for dogs, making it mouth-watering and irresistible for your pets. They will love to chew on this nice treat because it is flavorful, yummy, and delicious. Moreover, it offers a balanced diet for dogs of all breeds. Whether you are buying it puppies, large or medium dogs, the food is recommended and suitable for all. 

Quality:  This low sodium dog food has high-quality standards when it comes to ingredients included in the formulation. It has little to no sodium, no GMO, Wheat, grain, and soy, moreover, there are no artificial preservatives used. Therefore, this food is highly safe for dogs with gastric, blood pressure, and heart-related issues. 

low sodium dog food

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Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food with Grains

Made with lamb and rice, this low-sodium dog food is the best for dogs dealing with cardiovascular conditions and high blood pressure. It does not matter how large or small the pup is, his diet should contain low-sodium food with high levels of protein, fiber, and nutrients. If your dog’s acting weird after a meal, you should check it for ingredients if your pet has a food sensitivity. High sodium affects negatively a dog’s immune system, thus it should be avoided at all costs. 

Natural balance dry food with grains is the ultimate answer for those dog owners wishing to give their pets the best meals with uncompromising quality and taste. 

A few ingredients: The more ingredients a dog food has, the more sodium it may contain to retain the quality, texture, and nutrients. The natural balance on the other hand has a few ingredients, therefore the sodium levels are zero. Moreover, your dog won’t be exposed to a lot of harmful ingredients. The formula is just simple with balanced nutrients for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and body weight. 

Healthy immune: This formula of dry good weighs 28 pounds, containing ingredients rich in healthy proteins and nutrients to keep your dog’s immune and digestive system on track. Moreover, it’s a complete diet for the pet, promising to nourish their healthy skin and coat. 

low sodium dog food

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High sodium food is highly harmful to dogs whether large or small. Remember that almost all dog treats and chews contain sodium and chemical preservatives which can damage the dog’s immune system and overall health being. Try to buy low-sodium dog food, treats, and dry food to keep them healthy. Also, if a product has more shelf life it may have more sodium, avoid it and go for the one that you can serve your dog within days to boost his energy level and empower the digestive system.

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