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How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant? [Effects,Causes,Treatment]

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant

If your dog is pregnant and you’re noticing some change in their behavior and like dislike you may see the signs that may lead you about your dogs’ pregnancy. How to tell if your dog is pregnant? There are some specific symptoms that you can guess about the pregnancy of your pet. The Furbo dog camera review is good to watch for your dog while in pregnancy for safety concerns.


pregnant dog

  • One of the earliest parts of being a pet’s pregnancy is that their appetite is changed. They experience morning sickness, laziness and also can put off the food during the first weeks of pregnancy. Their appetite changes as soon as they got pregnant. For a comfortable sleep get your dog best friends by Sheri the original shag which is very soft and comfy.
  • It also discharges a slight mucus after one month of mating could be a sign of pregnancy. The pet-safe healthy pet simply feeds and the water station is best to feed your dog frequently.
  • Weight is gained around 35 days of pregnancy and is gradually about 50% than normal weight.
  • How to tell if your dog is pregnant? The tummy may be swollen and also increases as half of the pregnancy period passes and according to the diet.
  • The dog usually gets lazy and also the behavior is changed into some low energy level may be a factor sign of pregnancy.
  • Behavior changes will be the most prominent part like they may be clingy, affectionate, bad-tempered or maybe they seem upset. These opposite behaviors are a sign of being pregnant.
  • You may also notice while your Dog is pregnant that the nipples changing like they become more swollen and appear more prominently. Or the color is changed and it becomes darker.
  • Your dog’s appetite will inc during pregnancy from the ultra course and increase weight due to that and it modifies from her diet.
  • Take your dog to the vet to confirm pregnancy after the “canine pregnancy test” which measures hormone levels from days 21-25 days from ultrasound.

Diagnostic Test

folic acid

There are more accurate ways to confirm pregnancy through diagnostic tests they may include:

  • Abdominal palpation: This test is a careful massage that is to feel the puppies in the tummy. This cannot be attempted without a vet. you can give folic acid supplements to your dog in pregnancy.
  • X-rays:  The most effective way to know that your dog is pregnant is taking X-rays after six weeks but some of them argue that it may harm puppies inside the uterus due to strong radiation.
  • Ultrasound scan: How to tell if your dog is pregnant? The veterinarian will do the ultrasound of your dog for detecting fetal heartbeats and the number of puppies your dog is carrying. By doing an ultrasound your pet’s doctor may be able to tell the due date as well.
  • Witness Relaxin Test:  The other diagnosis part is that the vet witnesses a relaxin test to test the presence of relaxin after 4 weeks of gestation and relaxin is a type of hormone that is released only during pregnancy.


Care for a pregnant dog

bitch pregnancy pills

Once you are confirmed your dog’s pregnancy you need to take care of your dog and care for them till the birth by giving your dog a healthy diet and care.

  • Nutrition and Diet: Bitch is pregnant; In the very first days you need to give your dog a normal diet because sometimes they do not prefer eating but less food. However, as days passed your dog will need more energy and more food than their daily diet. As the food must be easily digestible and contains proteins, fats, minerals, and must be very healthy for your dog.
  • Exercise: One more important point is to make your dog do exercise regularly. It must be mild like walking and make them engaging in light games like playing fetch and catch. Keep the sessions short and light game activities.
  • Vet visits: Take your dog to often vet visits for the proper checkup and to examine the condition of the mother dog and the puppies inside by doing the ultrasound, x-rays, and all the important things about normal and good pregnancy. Also, you may ask your dog’s vet when to be ready in the case of emergency and if any problem occurs how to handle those situations.
  • Vaccination: You must take your dog for proper vaccination and it is better to make her safe from an illness during pregnancy. Also, you may consult and give your bitch pregnancy supplements that are beneficial and healthy.



To know about the pregnancy of your dog there are some steps and some prominent symptoms that occur including the changes in the mood and the behavior also. You may see body changing and the mood also. How to tell if your dog is pregnant? The diet must be natural and having proteins, fats, and natural minerals for the dog that is beneficial.


What do dogs look like when they are pregnant?

They may gain weight and also affect the sickness during the 3rd and 4th week there is sickness effects of dogs and may seem tired also.

Do dogs get pregnant every time they tie?

It is noticeable to know that after every tie the female dog is pregnant or not due to the positions and the handlers male dog do. There are chances for the female to get pregnant.

What are nesting behaviors in dogs?

The nesting behavior is harmless as it is developed because of pregnancy, sometimes it got a worse and bad temper. Also, they may be sometimes peaceful and comfortable.

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