Can Dogs Eat Tuna Fish? Feed The Right Food To Your Pup


Fish contains a high amount of proteins and omega-three fatty acids. The tuna has always been a different one. Most dog food comes with these ingredients because they’re really healthy but do you know it is a little bit different from the question is, can dogs eat tuna fish? Well, we think the answer is no. You should not feed your dog on this fish from salty waters. The reason behind this opinion is that it can result in form of different problems. 

You must know all the problems associated with feeding your dogs tuna because that way you know why. It will improve your knowledge and give you more insight into the health of your little fellow. People come up with different questions because they are not sure about the foods they can feed their dogs. We hear can dogs eat hummus and other similar questions like can dogs eat pineapple

Can dogs eat raw tuna fish?

In case you are using fresh tuna fish, you will notice that the mercury level is much higher as compared to any other fish. Salmon and tilapia don’t have this much level of mercury. 

can dogs eat tuna fish?

Due to the increasing level of industrial pollution, the level of mercury is also increasing in all lakes and other water bodies. This is the reason why the fishes living in that water will have a higher level of maturity in their bodies and it is a poison to your dog. It can lead to many health complications and potentially prove to be fatal because it has severe effects. That is the reason why your dogs should not consume raw tuna fish.

Level Of Mercury In Fish

You can look at the Consumer Reports presented by non-profit organizations that show you the level of mercury in different fishes. When a fish has a longer life, especially the big fishes, they have consumed a lot of mercury from the water over time. That reason shows that you should go for smaller fishes that would have a shorter life span. 

These reports show that the tuna consumes a lot of mercury depending on its weight and it leaves more impact on a dog because they are smaller in size. That is and why you should keep the safety of your puppy as a priority and do not feed anything poisonous. 

The size of the dog is smaller as compared to humans to the level of mercury we consume will not have as much effect as it would have on a dog. The fishes that have a longer life will have a higher level of maturity consumed in their bodies so you should avoid them. 

can dogs eat tuna fish?

Save fishes for dogs

As you know there is a lot of fish utilized in the best organic dog food and all of them are totally safe. Even if you want to consume them in fresh form you should make sure that you are choosing the right fish. These fishes have a long list but here are a few of the important ones.

  • Herring fish
  • Flounder fish
  • Whitefish
  • Salmon
  • Arctic Char

You don’t need to get worried if your dog gets a small amount of tuna from your plate when you’re not looking because it is not very poisonous. What do you mean just a tiny amount will not lead to poisoning of your dog due to my car because it is just a small level of it. Although it is always best to not let your dog eat something that might lead to a problem on a larger scale. 

Also, make sure that if your dog and cat go to live together you should not let your dog eat the cat food because it contains tuna. Your cat can also get mercury poisoning so make sure to select the product that doesn’t come with tuna. Instead of some other fish products. 

can dogs eat tuna fish?

Can dogs eat tuna at a minor level?

Although you cannot just give this fish and take it as dog food, you can add it to the diet on a very small level in order to improve dietary consumption. The question that can dog eat tuna can have a vague answer because it is only allowed in a smaller amount.

It is possible to feed them tuna fish at a really minor level for nutrition so that their digestive system can tolerate it. It is imperative to be careful in this matter because an overdose will lead to mercury poisoning. Although it is better to just feed them tuna occasionally for something different. 

The risks of eating tuna fish

There are many benefits of tuna fish, but if you add it to the diet of your dog, it can be risky in some ways. You should not increase the level of tuna in the diet because it can be dangerous. 

  • This can be a great occasional dog treat but not a daily staple food. 
  • This fish has a high level of mercury in its body.
  • This heavy metal can be poisonous for dogs and humans as well.
  • The little rules level of a dog is much lower because their bodies are smaller.
  • It has a high level of sodium that can be poisonous.

can dogs eat tuna fish?

Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning 

We have to say no to the question can dogs eat canned tuna. Here are some of the symptoms that will let you know if your dog has mercury poisoning. 

  • The dog starts to lose hair.
  • It can lead to nervousness and anxiety.
  • It might result in the Blindness of your dog.
  • Mercury consumption can lead to kidney damage.
  • The dog might feel abdominal swelling.
  • It might result in problems while urinating.
  • The paws of your dog might lose feelings.
  • It could result in the form of tremors and vomiting.
  • The diarrhea of your dog can turn watery and bloody. 

Symptoms of Sodium Poisoning 

You should make sure that your dog consumes it in a very moderate form because it can lead to sodium poisoning. There are a few symptoms of sodium poisoning that you should look out for. You should only choose low sodium dog foods. 

  • The dog will be extremely thirsty all the time.
  • Similarly, they will excrete a lot of urine.
  • Can also lead to lethargy.
  • Lack of appetite and nausea can also result as a result of poisoning of sodium.
  • The dog can have swelling in the tongue.
  • It can also lead to convulsions. 

can dogs eat tuna fish?

Take Care Of Your Dog

Can you feed anything new to your dog, it is really important to understand that you need to keep an eye on their habits and activities. See if there is a system that is working properly and if they get accustomed to the new ingredient. Even if the unit is not poisonous it will suddenly leave them with an upset stomach and that is not good as well. An uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for your dog will not just be hard for them but also for you because you will have to clean up all the mess. 

It is not just for you to know about any new food introduced to your dogs that should be properly examined. You should see how you talk and respond to it and keep an eye if they vomit here and there. You should also make sure that the consistency of their stool is not changed after the change in their diet. 

How much Tuna is safe for dogs?

It should only be added to the food of your dog and occasionally because too much tuna can be dangerous. If your dog doesn’t regularly eat you know and just gets a piece or two from your plate then it is totally fine because it will not poison them. If you are giving them fresh tuna it should not be more than one or two very small bites. The consistency should also be very low; you should not feed them more than once a week. That shows how much is allowed to make sure you don’t overdo it. A very small amount is allowed if you want to know can dogs eat tuna. 

If you have a small dog you should do it even if you listen because the level of mercury might be poisonous for their small bodies. The weight of the dog defines how much they can consume and what will be problematic for them.

can dogs eat tuna fish?

Safe Level Of Tuna Depends On Dog Size

The size of your dog defines how much Tuna it can consume and here is a chart for your help. If you want to feed your dog you can not hear complete details depending on the size of your dog for the amount you can feed them.

  • For dogs that are about 20 lb in weight should only get one small bite of tuna once a week.
  • For dogs above 40 lb weight can have tuna after every nine days in a very small amount.
  • The larger dogs who are 90 pounds or above can safely eat one can of tuna after 4 to 5 days. 


For starters, you should avoid feeding your dog tuna fish because it can be poisonous as it leaves for a longer time in the Mercury-infused water. But in case you still want to video dog do you know it should be in a very tiny amount because it is nutritious. 

Don’t go over the board with tuna and only feed them small bites once a week or even late. This would be an occasional treat instead of daily staple food. If you don’t care, this can result in an upset stomach and when they have a disturbed digestive system, it leads to more work for you as well in the cleaning. 

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