Can Dog Eat Banana? Yes or no! 

Can Dog Eat Banana

Can a dog eat a banana? This question comes in every enthusiast pet owner. This question is a hot topic for a long time, and still, there’s no proper answer to it anywhere. In short, if we answer this query; Yes, you can feed a banana to your little buddy. This fruit is enriched with minerals and nutrients that are crucial for growth. But there are some things that you need to know before feeding a banana to your dog. Let’s read a review about can dog eat bananas.

Feeding more than a certain ratio can make your dog sick. Therefore, it’s suggested to feed your dog at a moderate rate. Also, concern the whole situation with your vet, as nobody knows if the human food suits animals or not. Now, let’s see in-depth how the answer Yes supports the equation regarding feeding bananas to your dog.


People avoid feeding bananas to dogs due to higher concentrations of sugar. There’s no doubt in that, yet giving in a moderate dosage delivers several benefits. So, let’s see how bananas will benefit your little buddy.

  • Banana can be considered the replacement for dog treats, as most veterinarians often recommend that. This is because bananas are a natural source of potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.
  • Just like humans, dogs also suffer from gastrointestinal problems. To treat this sensitive issue, bananas are high in fibre, which aids to promote regular intestinal activity.
  • Magnesium present in bananas improves and helps in the growth of bone strength. Also, it aids to build protein in the body and absorbs vitamins.

Also, make sure your dog’s teeth remain in dog health. In this regard, consider using the Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats.

Things to remember:

While feeding bananas to your little pup. People often forget to feed only the fruit. Along with that, some lovers give banana peels to the dogs. There’s no wrong with it, yet peels are challenging to digest in the stomach. And even can be a reason for blockage. So, give the banana to your canine after peeling it properly. Besides that, do not over-feed the dog; it will upset the animal’s stomach.

Last but not least, in case your dog suffers from some health issues such as allergic reactions. Concern the whole situation with your veterinarian first; he will guide you will all the questions you have in mind.

Can you put Neosporin on a dog? Click on the link to know the answers if you are interested.

How to serve bananas?

Once your veterinarian gives you approval of feeding the banana. He will suggest you the right size of scale and amount. As dogs come in multiple sizes, therefore it’s important to feed in a specific ratio. For example, instead of serving the whole banana, peel the fruit and cut it into small pieces. After that, serve it to your dog.

You can also treat the dog with a frozen banana. Just by freezing the fruit, it will entirely change its texture, and your dog will find the banana as a new threat. Besides that, frozen bananas are the best serving treats for hot summers. You can also do toppings on the banana to give it some new texture and flavours.

Nutro CRUNCHY Treats:

Instead of feeding bananas to your dog daily. The crunchy treats will get the job done for you. While treating with the banana flavour you are looking for. Besides the finger-licking flavour, the treats are also rich in nutrients. Yes, you heard me right. The treats will help your dog to grow correctly in every aspect of the body. All the ingredients used in these treats are extracted from the finest natural ingredients around the world.

It’s pretty tricky to manage treats if you have a lot of dogs. However, the crunchy treats offer you the solution. You can serve these treats to small and large dogs without any worry. For manufacturing the treats, high-quality ingredients are used. Just like you serve the banana at a moderate rate, each serving contains five calories per treat.

Besides that, most of the treats taste so delicious due to the addition of artificial ingredients. Although such things increase the flavour, yet it makes the treat highly harmful for the kids. Keeping the health of your dog in great shape. The Nutro CRUNCHY treats are free from non-GMO ingredients and artificial flavours.

If you want to treat your dog, the crunchy treats are the best ones available in the market. So, stop having second thoughts and select the crunchy treats for your little buddy.


  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Banana flavour
  • High-quality protein
  • Rich in nutrients
  • No artificial colours


  • None



Do bananas cause diarrhea in dogs?

There’s no doubt banana helps to smooth the stole by improving the gastrointestinal issues. But it can also cause diarrhea if you feed a higher quantity of bananas. Excessive feeding also upset the stomach; therefore, consider feeding your dog at a moderate rate.

Can you feed bananas as an alternative to dog chews and other treats?

Yes, the veterinarian also refers to the usage of organic food such as bananas most of the time. This fruit contains a significant number of essential nutrients and minerals. That collectively aids in the growth and health of the dog.

Besides the fruit, there are also many good dogs treats available in the market. You can also avail them to benefit your dog health.

Final Thoughts:

Dogs can eat a banana as this fruit contains a lot of vitals in it. Also, bananas can be used as a replacement for dog chews. But if you want to administer these things in your canine lifestyle. It would help if you talked with your veterinarian first. He will guide you entirely if it’s alright to use this fruit as there can be some disorders that can make things worse. In addition, whenever you feed a banana to your dog, make sure you don’t feed too much.

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