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Best indoor dog potty in 2022: Potty train your dog

Best indoor dog potty in 2021

Wondering why dog owners require indoor dog potty when there are enough places outdoors for that? There could be many reasons as one might want to invest in modern-day dog accessories.

Due to the pandemic, many people don’t like to step out of their homes for fear of contracting the virus, and they keep their pets indoors as well. In this scenario, indoor dog potty has become a great commodity for those homeowners who can’t walk their dog out daily. Moreover, this dog accessory is also a great blessing for elderly and disabled dog owners who have a hard time moving around the time, let alone stepping out with their dog even for a walk.

Best indoor dog potty in 2022

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Dog Indoor Potty
  • Dog breeds
  • Convenient design
  • Apartments and small homes
  • Size options
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iMountTek Grass Indoor Dog Potty Training Pads for Medium and Small Dogs
  • Grass Patch Tray for a dog
  • Alternative to pee pads
  • Indoor Potty trainer mat
  • Comfortable
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Synturfmats Pet Potty Grass Turf Pad for Large Medium Dogs Indoor
  • Three-layered potty patch
  • Ideal for dog training
  • Comfortable
  • lightweight
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Giantex Best Grass potty Pee Turf Pad with Tray For Dogs
  • Grass Turf Pad
  • Pee and Pop tray
  • Indoor potty trainer
  • Comfortable
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STAR ROAD-TIM Outdoor Indoor Dog Potty for Large dogs
  • Affordable
  • ECO friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • High quality grass
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Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Hydroponic Grass: This is one of the best indoor dog pot training accessories with patches of Hydroponically-grown grass so it feels real to touch. Your pups and dogs will find this system very natural as it feels like real earth with the grass on top.

Great for house training: The sod mad is quite helpful for the homeowners to teach their Pitbulls, puppies, and dogs how to use the system for pooping and urinating. For housetraining, this mat offers a great natural environment for the dogs with a great feature. Moreover, it will make your dog learn how to be patient when it needs to urinate. Moreover, not to make a mess in a space when there’s a need to use the toilet.

Being compact, this indoor potty training system can be put anywhere in the house. Keep it on the balcony or front porch or patio. It does not make space.

Ease of cleaning: For the most part, this disposable dog potty with the grass is easy to clean. Since it is disposable, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning it, keeping up with your home’s aesthetic standards.

The mat has been designed to soak the nasty smells from the poops and urine, preventing the distribution of odor in the space where you put it. Your home, patio, or balcony would never smell bad with this dog potty system. There is a container underneath the system that collects the dog’s urine instantly.

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass


  • Hydroponics and 100% real grass
  • Disposable and easy to clean indoor potty for dog
  • The layer underneath soaks the urine.
  • Natural pet poop and urine odor neutralizer 
  • Light and portable 
  • Easy to set up


  • It could be a hassle to replace the grass

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DoggieLawn Real Indoor Potty for dogs

Large size: There are two sizes available in DoggieLawn Real grass indoor potty for dogs. The first is medium size, which is 20 inches, perfect for large-sized dogs and fur babies. The second is approximately 16 inches. This disposable potty dimension for dogs is just the right size; in fact, it is way more extensive than the standard units and potty pad trays available on the market. 

Natural odor neutralizer: This product is excellent and disposable; you can trash it out easily without cleaning any part of it. Just put it elsewhere in the home or near the home to facilitate your dog with poopy time. When he’s done, dispose of it. Since the real grass is used for the design, it does not smell bad, keeping your home free of pet and dog odor. 

Dog diaper: After using this unit for a few weeks, you can change it with the new one to keep up with your home’s aesthetic environment. Moreover, it is so easy to use. The manufacturer claims that this indoor dog potty works like dog diapers that you can use and discard. Nothing much is needed on your part. In the performance, it is just a fresh patch, giving a natural feel to the dogs when their paws touch the grass.DoggieLawn Real Indoor Potty for dogs


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Odor-free, 100% real grass patch
  • Disposable dog potty unit for indoor and outdoor use
  • Portable for being lightweight
  • Ideal size for hounds, puppies, and dogs of all sizes
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Cardboard tray to prevent any leaks
  • Different sizes are available for 25lbs, 30lbs and large-sized dogs. 
  • The tray is recyclable.
  • The grass is biodegradable and original.


  • The unit requires to be replaced with the new one.

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Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty, No Torn Potty Pads!

Friendly design: The design of Blyss Pets Klean paws indoor dog potty is really compact, simple, and eco-friendly. Designed with a perforated gate on the top: this unit is built with a tray underneath that collects the waste and urine. 

To make the cleaning easier than before, cut and use cardboard or a newspaper on the tray to collect the material in the bottom tray for a quick disposal. 

The great snaps on and off easily, making the training pads inaccessible by naughty pups and dogs. 

Rubberized pads: This indoor potty unit for dogs comes with excellent quality rubberized pads underneath, keeping it from slipping away on the wooden, marble and tile floors. The design is constructed greatly, keeping into consideration the requirements and comfort of the pet owners. 

Pan underneath: The dish or pan under the grate collects all the wastes and urine to keep the dog’s paw clean and nice. 

The plastic grate clasps nicely with the pan easily, making assembly and disassembly an easy task for the owners. It has big holes through which the urine passes through easily without messing the floor or any part of the home. It is collected in the pan, from where it can be discarded later on. 

Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty, No Torn Potty Pads!


  • Disposable indoor dogs potty training unit
  • Great size for puppies and dogs
  • No grass but an excellent plastic grate
  • Shallow pan for collecting the urine 
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to use dog potty indoor 
  • Rubber pads to keep the potty unit from slipping away


  • No high-quality plastic used for the grate construction. 

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Petmaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat Portable Indoor Potty Review

Perfect for potty training: This portable potty training mat is perfect for homeowners wanting to train their newly adopted puppies and dogs on how to do it right. This is one of the best potty trainer units available in the market, with three layers of design. 

Even if you have not adopted your dog just recently, you can still use this indoor potty mat and tray to teach your pet how to use a toilet in your absence. If you work for long hours in the office or work graveyard shifts, you might want to buy this potty trainer mat for your dog and puppy. 

Three Layer potty Trainer: As the title suggests, it is a three-layer potty trainer for dogs to facilitate their toilet needs indoors. The uppermost part consists of antimicrobial and odor resistant grass, it’s not real, but it is completely safe for your dog’s paws. 

The second layer has another plastic insert that locks in the place, and it makes the liquid and waste passes through into the third layer, which is the collection tray. 

All the waste collects in the bottom tray from where you can take it off to clean it. The design of this indoor potty trainer is just amazing as well as simple, making cleaning an easy task. 

Reusable design: This dog potty train is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. Moreover, it is highly reusable, you can wash the parts to use them again. Get the grass replaced every now and then for proper cleaning. Overall the dimensions of the unit are 20” x 25” x 1.25”..

The grass is made with synthetic plastic, while the rest of the parts, such as the insert and collection tray, are made with hard plastic. 

You can clean this dog potty trainer with a dishwasher and detergent since it is easy to use and maintain. Wash it and let it dry in the sun for a while before you use it again.

Petmaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat Portable Indoor Potty


  • Anti-microbial and odor resistance synthetic grass
  • Three layers in the design of potty trainer for dog
  • Great for home, balcony, parks, patio and gardens
  • Easy to use and easy to clean dog potty indoor 
  • Reusable, lightweight and portable mat for dog.
  • Odor-free design to keep the environment smell great.


  • Dogs may not find synthetic grass attractive.

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Sonnyridge Easy Indoor potty Review

Eco and Pet-Friendly Mat:

Sonnyridge easy indoor dog potty trainer mat is both eco-friendly as well as pet friendly for having great design features. The grass is synthetic and artificial with odor resistance capability; at the same time, it is antimicrobial to keep the environment safe, germ-free, and healthy. 

The grass hinders bacterial growth in the area where your puppies and dogs urinate, keeping the place clean and hygienic. Even though it is not real, this indoor grass potty training mat is an exception in the feature with the ability to absorb the odor from the pets’ defecates and urine. 

Trip layer potty trainer:

This is a multi-layer design with the grass forming the top layer, the porous tray in the middle, and the waste collection tray at the bottom. The second layer is porous that passes the liquid through the bottom layer for collection. The collection tray is durable even though it is plastic. And it contains the waste nicely without leaking it on the floor. Suffice to say, this is one of best-rated dog potties for dogs, suitable for indoor and outdoor settings.Sonnyridge Easy Indoor potty


  • Reusable indoor potty training grass mat 
  • Suitable for puppies and dogs
  • It weighs only 4.6 pounds
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to use dog potty indoor 
  • Offers ease of cleaning to the pet owners
  • The synthetic grass on top with antimicrobial properties 
  • Durable design grass on the top, porous tray in the middle and collection at the bottom
  • Eco friendly and dogs friendly with no fussy structure at all 


  • A bit expensive compared to competitors dog pot training mats 

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PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Dog Indoor Potty

Size options: All the dog owners rave about PetSafe pet loo portable dog indoor potty training mat because it is lightweight and portable. Moreover, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, in all seasons and weathers. 

This 5 x 33 x 33 inches outdoor and indoor dog potty grass mat is available in three different sizes for small, medium and large size dogs. If you have a puppy, you can choose the small-sized unit as it would be great for the pet. All the customers have just to say one thing that this is one of many best potties for dogs.

Apartments and small homes: This indoor and outdoor grass potty training is fit for all types of dogs regardless of their size and age. The best feature is that it offers a peace of mind to the pet owners living in a small apartment or house with limited space available indoor for family and pet use. Small apartments may have additional outdoor space that can be used as a special dog potty spot.

Due to inflation, more Americans are living in a small size apartment containing two or three bedrooms. The sprawling space is not enough for the owners to make a separate restroom for dogs. Therefore, many companies like Petsafe are making dog indoor potty training grass and dish mats to assist pet owners.

Convenient design: This potty trainer mat is excellent for indoor as well as outdoor use. It  features a grass mat on the top and a covered waste bin. The wee sponge powder works magically to keep the unpleasant smell of urine and poop at bay. The entire dog trainer mat is made with the pet-safe polyethylene terephthalate plastic

The synthetic grass is processed to have antimicrobial properties, so it keeps the room and home odor-free. Moreover, it can be cleaned easily with the detergent using much manual effort.

There are pee pod slides connected with the base, it slides out. And the wee sponge powder absorbs the odor from the waste by turning the urine into a gel substance for easy disposal. 

Dog breeds: The best part is yet that this indoor dog potty training unit is suitable for newly adopted puppies, medium-sized dogs, and large-sized dog breeds such as pitbull, German shepherd, huskies, and Labrador. 

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Dog Indoor Potty


  • Great indoor potty for dogs of all breeds
  • Suitable for small apartments and tiny houses
  • Offers peace of mind to the pet owners
  • Multi-layered potty training grass container 
  • Pee pod slides on the base 
  • Premium grass on the top of the design 
  • Wee powder keeps the environment free of odor.
  • The grass absorbs the smell of the urine and dog poops
  • Travel friendly for being lightweight


  • The tarp slides away if a big dog jumps on it to go for potty 

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Summertimes are fun for humans and animals. Just like us Dogs love to play and swim in the water. There are some of the best swimming pools for dogs that will allow you to have super fun for countless owners with your pets.

iMountTek Grass Indoor Dog Potty Training Pads for Medium and Small Dogs

Grass Patch Tray for a dog: This is one of the best outdoor and indoor grass potty trainers for dogs with the grass patch laying on the top and tray underneath the unique. It is best suitable for small-sized and large-sized dog breeds. 

The triple-layer design of the potty trainer is somewhat compact, eye-catching and durable. The urine seeps through this artificial grass patch to the slanted tray in the middle. From there it moves down further to the bottom of the collection bin. 

The collection bin collects all the waste, liquid and urine, preventing the spread of ugly disease-spreading bacteria from the waste. Moreover, it helps keep the fur babies’s paws as dry as possible since the grass absorbs the liquid when a dog sits on it for urination. So all in all, it’s an affordable indoor dog toilet system.

Alternative to pee pads: You might have heard a lot about dog training pee pads, considered the necessity of modern times. The truth is that they are not safe for indoor use because the grass does not absorb the urine completely, causing it to leak on the floor, damaging the surface.

You would never wish your wooden, tile, or stone floor to be damaged permanently or lose its shine due to the urine. Moreover, the urine stains are hard to get rid of.. Furthermore, the floor may get drenched with a not-so-pleasant smell and disrupts the aesthetic of the environment.

Pads VS indoor Potty trainer mat: This indoor dog potty training is a great alternative to potty pads that are not comfortable for your dog to even walk on. The rough texture gives an unreal and uncomfortable feeling to their paws as well. Moreover, since these pads don’t absorb the liquid, they can make the dog’s paws wet and uncleaned every time they sit on them to urinate. iMountTek Grass Indoor Dog Potty Training Pads for Medium and Small Dogs


  • Great portable dog potty training unit for indoor and outdoor
  • Industrial grade design with the artificial grass on the top
  • The best alternative to potty mats
  • Triple-layered design, offering best liquid absorption
  • Keeps dogs’s paw clean and dry
  • Portable, light-weight and travel friendly
  • Easy to assemble and disable
  • Offers ease of cleaning
  • Comes with two years guarantee
  • Top layer is the best artificial grass for dog potty


  • The grass mat requires replacements every now and then.

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Tactical dog harness serves a great purpose of keeping the dogs under your control. It should be in a flexible design for the maximum comfort of the pet. 

Synturfmats Pet Potty Grass Turf Pad for Large Medium Dogs Indoor

Three-layered potty patch: This is one of the best outdoor and indoor portable dog potties. training mat. It is made with synthetic grass sitting onto a tray that connects with the collection tray.

When your dog used this potty trainer mat, the liquid and wastes goes to the grid tray from where it moves into the base collection tray, To wipe the unit clean, you can use a detergent or dishwasher or anything that you believe helps revamp the potty training unit to its clean state. 

Ideal for dog training: This grass potty mat and training pad is ideal for the homeowners trying to tame their dogs by training how to go for pooping and peeing. All in one, it is an excellent deal for the owners with small, medium and large-sized dogs of different breeds. 

Comfortable use: The best feature is that this potty trainer is good to be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. It could be an indoor dog’s restroom or outdoor potty spot when placed in the porch or patio.  It comes with the best artificial grass for dog potty.Synturfmats Pet Potty Grass Turf Pad for Large Medium Dogs Indoor


  • Suitable for all dog sizes and breeds
  • Non-toxic outdoor and indoor dog potty trainer with tray
  • Comes in different sizes according to the needs of pet owners
  • Three layers: grass patch, middle grid tray and base collection tray.
  • Collects waste, dog’s defecates and urine at the bottom for easy cleaning
  • Use soap water or detergent for quick cleaning 
  • Portable and durable indoor doggie toilet system
  • Very lightweight to be carried around


  • Just like the most dog potty trainer unit, the grass needs to be replaced.

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STAR ROAD-TIM Outdoor Indoor Dog Potty for Large dogs

Potty Rug turf: This portable outdoor and indoor potty training rug turf for dogs is an ideal solution for those homeowners looking for a portable potty unit. It is good to be used inside the home as well as outside on the patio or lawn. The size is just the right for small, medium, and large sizes. The 39.3 inches by 31.5 inches dimensions are just perfect, making it ideal for even small puppies.

Easy to set up: The turf is an in easy indoor doggie toilet system to assemble and set up. You need no manual or guide to put the pieces of this great potty trainer together. Just put the top grass patch on the tray to make it ready for use. How easy is it to do this? Right?

This potty training unit offers a great advantage to the homeowners who want to train their dog on how to poop on a spot in the porch, balcony or sunroom without their presence in the home. Or how to use it in the home without making any sort of mess.

Great design for price: This potty rug turf is an excellent potty training system for pets for being very comfortable. The grass does feel really real to their paws, moreover, it is safe for the carpet and floors for its ability to prevent leakage from the tray and waste collecting container. STAR ROAD-TIM Outdoor Indoor Dog Potty for Large dogs


  • Best indoor doggy toilet for outdoor settings as well
  • Affordable, eco friendly and pet friendly
  • Non-toxic material and antimicrobial grass turf potty patch
  • The waste collection tray for containing waste 
  • High quality grass absorbs odor and unpleasant smells 
  • Portable, travel friendly and very light well
  • Useful for dog and puppies potty training


  • The tray may crack up if a large size dog sits on the turf. 

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As a dog owner you must need to potty train your dogs in the right away, learn our guide about it.

Giantex Best Grass potty Pee Turf Pad with Tray For Dogs

Grass Turf Pad: This indoor grass turf potty training pad is such a bliss for those homeowners who spend a lot of time working, having less time in hand to escort the bathroom to an outdoor dog toilet. 

The grass turf sitting on the top of the tray is designed in the Hemingway, preventing the grass blades from falling off. Moreover, it is a wonderful patch of antimicrobial grass potty pad for both puppies and dogs. 

Regardless of the size of the dog and the breed, this turf is one of the best indoor dog potty trainers for its performance, great features and design. 

Pee and Pop tray: There is one nice collection tray , sitting beneath the grass pad layer that collects all the waste so it can be discarded later on. 

The tray is made with plastic though, it is easy to clean and rinse off with the soapy water. The design offers great portability and mobility, suitable for travelers and outdoor campers as well that take their dogs along for trips. 

Outdoor and indoor potty trainer: I would say this 30 by 20 inches dog potty training grass pad is just the right size for large-sized dogs, elderly puppies and dogs, and pets suffering from arthritis, physical and joint pain, sickness and disability. 

This grass dog potty pad with the tray works great assisting the dogs who are recovering from the surgery as well. They may find it hard to walk a mile away from home to the certain dog toilet built outside the home. This pad would be their saving grace as they would be able to pee and poop on the turf patch without having to walk out for their special toilet needs.Giantex Best Grass potty Pee Turf Pad with Tray For Dogs


  • An excellent sized 30 inches by 20 inches indoor potty grass pad for dogs. 
  • A well-built plastic tray for waste and urine collection
  • Hemming style grass patch for potty training
  • Odor resistance real looking grass patch over the tray
  • Works best for immobile, physically disable and elderly dogs
  • Ideal for puppy potty trainings as well
  • Portable to be put anywhere in the home
  • The best indoor dog toilet system for homes and apartments
  • Comfortable for indoor and outdoor usage


  • The grass blades may fall off and the patch requires replacement when it suffers tears and wears.

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You must learn how to potty train a dog or puppy, especially if you have adopted one for the first time.

Best Indoor Dog Potty Pads, Patches, and Tray Buying Guide 

Many people ask the same question as to why a homeowner would need to buy an indoor puppy or dog potty training system. 

Why You Might Need to Consider an Indoor Dog Potty

There are many reasons why you may want to consider buying an indoor dog potty just for your pet. Let us try to look at some of the more common ones.

Dog Housetraining:

Most animals, like dogs, learn rules and regulations when you give them a  proper training. If you have recently adopted a new puppy who has not lived in a domestic environment before, you will need to train a puppy for an indoor potty system. The same applies to the pet owners who have brought a new dog in their home. A potty training system allows them to tame their pets and teach them how to use a dog toilet in the right and disciplined way without causing any mess.

Pet has difficulty controlling the urine

Just like human beings, some dogs may have a bladder infection and other underlying diseases to cause urinary incontinence. This disease makes a pet’s urge to go for urination uncontrollable as it may have a hard time holding it down for a long time. 

Likewise, Puppies and newborn dogs are not that mentally developed to understand how to control their urge to defecate and urinate. They might never be able to control it; therefore, you should buy the best indoor potty system to meet their needs. 

Fear of Strange People and Places 

Some dogs are very domestic, and they are only comfortable when they are around their owners or the people with whom they live every day. It might be difficult for some dogs to get used to an outdoor dog toilet if it’s too far away from home.  

Your pet may have a phobia of strange places as well that might be making them fearful of walking out alone. You can help your pet in this regard by putting on an indoor dog toilet system so it can be comfortable whenever it feels the need to go peeing or pooping.

No Patio and Yard

An indoor potty system works best for the small-sized apartments and homes as well, with no backyard, patio, balcony and yard. When there’s no access to a secure potty spot outdoors, the best solution is to use the indoor dog toilet as it eliminates the need to go out in search of a safe potty spot. 

Unable to Escort them out to the dog toilet

There might be one outdoor dog toilet system available in the yard, but you can’t stay at home to escort your dog out there during the time when you work. In this way, when you work a 9 to 5 shift or graveyard shift, you would definitely not be able to walk your pet out for not being available at home. Put a lovely indoor potty for a dog anywhere in the room.

Surgery, Operation, and Physical immobility 

Elderly dogs tend to have arthritis resulting in the physical inability to move anywhere easily. Likewise, your pets may be recovering after surgery of some sort and require an indoor potty place for the toilet needs. So the system works best for the pets when they suffer from uninvited sickness or diseases that make them physically immobile.

Weather Conditions

Certain weather conditions such as storms, snow blizzards, excessive rain, extreme lightning, and dense fogs can also be a reason for you and your dogs to stay in the home for days. To assist your pets with toilet needs, you might need a disposable or reusable indoor potty station.

Indoor Dog Potties 

There are five different types of dog potties stations available out there.

Dog Litter box:

Just like a canine litter box there is a feline,puppy and dog litter box as well, available for the pet owners on the market. It is designed with the high-walls to keep the waste and urine only inside the space. The litter box design may consist of cardboard, pallets, and thick pads. 

Dog & Puppy Pee pads

These pads are great for travellers, campers, and hikers who take their pet along on their journey for natural and wildlife exploration. These pads are made with paper, thick pads, and fabrics of high density to absorb the urine and odor. The pads are laid in a shallow box in which your dog can sit to pee or defecate. You can discard the pee pads and replace them with the new sheets.

Plastic and Synthetic grass

Today indoor dog potty systems come with either simply plastic grass blades or synthetic grass blades. The synthetic usually has antimicrobial action against odor creating germs and bacteria. The design of the grass patch may keep it from falling; make sure to ascertain this fact before you buy a grass potty training station. 

Real Grass Patch Pad:

Most manufacturers are making indoor potties with real grass to give a nice, delicate and comfortable feeling to the dogs’ paws. Since the real grass works the best in absorbing the nasty smell, the dog toilet can be more realistic IN comparison with a design with the fake grass.

Reasons to buy the Indoor Potty Training System.

Busy life and schedule:

There might be several reasons why as a dog owner, you’d want to have the best indoor potties for the dogs. You are a busy person who works from 9am to 5 am job day except on weekends. And your dog stays home the whole time. Your dog spends several hours alone within the vicinity of the home without any company. Instead of keeping the doors open for him to go out whenever he needs to defecate and urinate, you should place an indoor potty inside the home. This would eliminate the need for him to run out of the house because it’s not safe for him to go out unsupervised without you.

No access to safe spot: An indoor dog potty system is an excellent solution for dogs who don’t have access to safe outdoor potty spots or dog toilets. However, dog owners may have to train their dogs to use the accessory without making a mess around the room or the place where it is put.

Weather changes: Taking your dog out for urinating could be difficult when the weather outside is harsh. It could be a day with heavy snow, a terrible storm, and non-stop rain outside, keeping you from going out there with your pet.

Sickness and disease: Just like human beings, dogs tend to fall sick from time to time. They also suffer from unexpected illness, infection and disease. If the dog is physically disable or a bit active due to physical sickness, there’s no reason it would want to go outside. Place an indoor dog potty training to facilitate the pet in the best way possible. The accessory just works the same way for dogs as a litter box works for the cats. It helps the dog owners in house training their pets on how to use a home-based toilet whenever there’s a need to


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