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Jasonwell  Dog Pool Review: Ultimate Summer Pool Fun for Pets and Kiddos


Wondering how Jasonwell Dog Pool could be a great accessory for your home? If you love your pet so dearly you must read this post to find out how significant dog pools and baths are in summer time.  

Dogs are completely different in their build and structure from human beings. Unlike us, they cannot sweat in many areas of the body and we all know sweating allows the body to cool down naturally. In the extreme summer months, dogs may have sweaty noses and paws. Other than that they don’t sweat much simply because they have a thick coat of fur covering the body. When the weather is not friendly, your dogs may feel highly uncomfortable staying calm either indoors and outdoors. He may also start panting as well, it is a reaction to expect when a pet is exposed to extreme heat. 

If you love your pet you may want to allow him to spend a lot of time outdoors in the open where air flow is favorable. Not only that you can also put a nice dog pool or bathtub with water for his fun activities. The water will cool down his body temperature, additionally it will also be a source of fun water games for him. Although there are tons of pools for dogs, the best one is Jasonwell Dog pool. 

Comfortable dog pool: After reading tons of positive Jasonwell dog pool reviews I can share the fact that this pool is not ordinary at all. It is a two-in one pool and dog bath to place outside in the backyard. Turn your backyard into a playground for both your kids and dogs by putting this pool outside. 

 Jasonwell foldable dog pool is comfortable and spacious. It has enough capacity to accommodate your dog along with a few fun-seeking kiddos. 

If your kids love to have fun with their pet, then this bathtub would be perfect for their summer and water game activities. Instead of buying an extra inflatable kiddie pool, you can just install this one, inflate it, and fill it with water. It will ensure that your kids and the pets are having time of their life even when the summer heat is at its peak. 

Dog pool sizes: There are five interactive sizes of Jasonwell dog pool. The small one is only 32 “, medium is 30.5″, large is 48″, XXL is 63″, and XL is 55”.

You need to consider an appropriate size according to your pet size and height. If you own a chihuahua, you can definitely use the small-sized Jassonwell dog pool. You also need to consider the fact that your dog will need some time in order to move around even if it does not weigh too much. Go for a medium sized pool if you have a kiddo who also loves to sit in the pool with the dog. 

I would say that the size of the pool matters only when you have a limited space indoors and outdoors. Those who live in small apartments may have a scarce space in their balcony or terrace. In the limited space they don’t wish to put a large sized dog bathtub as it may occupy the whole usable space. So sometimes, you have to go for a medium sized Jasonwell dog pool when the limited space is available for outdoors use. 

The large sized Jasonwell Dog pool and bathtub is ideal for spacious outdoors spaces. When there is a vast landscape, backyard or front yard you won’t mind the dog pool occupying some of the area even if it sits there inflated for weeks.  Moreover, your dogs will love to have a spacious pool just all for himself because he would be able to move around in it and lie down without having to try to fix his body into it.

Portable dog pool: Jasonwell dog pool is foldable and portable. Just like any inflatable dog bathtub or pool, you can first drain the water out of it using the garden hose. Without using a garden hose you may have to simply put the pool upside down to siphon all the water out of. Just let it outside for a few minutes until it is completely dry. You can fold it to store it anywhere else in the storage and basement. 

Portability does matter when it comes to buying a pool for kids, dogs and self. You don’t wish for the pool to be heavy to lift up easily. This dog pool is generally very light-weight even if you fill it out with a lot of water. You can put it anywhere after deflating it, which makes it very portable. 

When there is water filled inside Jasonwell dog pool it feels a bit heavier. It makes sense too, if you fill the water in a pot, it surely gains some weight. Never move the pool around when there is water inside as it may cause tears and wear in the structure. When you wish to move it around even in the garden, you need to take the water off first. You definitely want Jasonwell dog pool to stay for a long time and it will only be possible when it is taken care of properly. 

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Inflating the pool: It takes minimal time in inflating this Jasonwell dog pool. I would suggest you refrain from using your mouth to blow the air in. You will pass out of doing it because the pool may be small but it still requires a lot of air to be inflated. Therefore, the best option for you is to do it by using an air pump. Use an electric air pump to inflate the doggy bathtub and pool if you don’t have much time in hands.  The pool can be inflated quickly without having to spend extra time.

Cleaning the pool: Cleaning Jasonwell Dog pool is very easy.  You can use the garden hose though. But you will never have to do it as there are two drainage holes. One is located at the bottom and another is on the side. Just remove the protection covers and the water will drain itself. There is no need for you to go to extra lengths in order to remove the water from this doggy pool. 

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Durable PVC: Unlike its counterpart’s doggy pools Jasonwell pool is designed with thicker and extra tough PVC material. Even with constant usage, the PVC won’t have any scratches, tears and wears.  Moreover, the bottom section is made with anti-slip material so your kids and dogs can swim freely without encountering any accident inside the pool.

Eco-friendly design: The pool is also eco and environment-friendly for having EN71 and ASTM standard materials used.  Since PVC rips off when it is exposed to sharp edges such as knives, needles, and pins, you need to make sure to trim your pet’s nails before you allow him to be in the pool. Sharp nails can cause scratches and water leaking holes at the bottom and on the side of the doggy pool.

High-density fiberboard: Jasonwell makes very comfortable and durable doggy pools by using thick high-density fiberboard in the structure.  Compared to other companies that use cardboard, the fiberboard never catches mildewed. It does not depreciate like low-quality cardboards, therefore, you can expect for Jasonwell dog pool to last many years. 

Note: Even after trimming the dog’s nets you need to put a smooth surface to prevent it from tearing by coming into contact with sharp tools. Never put sharp items anywhere near the pools.  Always get the tear repaired on time before they turn into a full-sized tear hole. They may alter the quality of the pool as it may lose its ability to hold water inside due to leakage through the holes.



  • Jasonwell dog pool is available in five sizes according to dog’s size and weight. 
  • Made with high-density fiberboard instead of cardboard
  • Two drain holes for draining the water out of the doggy pool.
  • Portable for easy and fast storage. 
  • Anti-slip material on bottom and base. 
  • Conforms to high standards of EN71 and ASTM.
  • Easy to set up as no inflation is needed. 
  • Draining the water takes a few seconds. 


  • The pool may flop when filled with little or less water.


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How many sizes does Jasonwell dog pool come in?

Jasonwell dog pools are available in five sizes of S-32”, M-39.5”,L-48”, XXL-63”, and XL-55”. Depending on the dog’s size and weight you may opt for the right size. Also consider measuring the space that is available outdoors or indoors. Since no inflation is needed, Jasonwell foldable dog pool may need some space if you wish to keep it outdoors for days. 

Is Jasonwell dog pool durable?

Jasonwell dog pools are built with high density fiberboard instead of conventional cardboards, therefore, they are not mildewed easily. Additionally, the bottom is made with anti-slip and anti-skid material for preventing accidents.There are two drainage holes for removing the water, one is at the bottom and the second is on the side. Additionally, high quality PVC material is used in the construction for added durability. 

Can I leave my dog alone in the pool?

You should never leave your dog or kids alone in the pool unsupervised. At times it may appear that they are having a fun time and full blast by splashing the water here and there, but remember that dogs can chew onto the things. If your dog accidentally chews on PVC there would be huge tears and holes in the structure. The pool may be destroyed in seconds. It is important that you watch over your dog as he sits, plays or relaxes in the pool. Read about pool safety for dogs.

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